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fig2ps is a perl script designed to convert Xfig files to postscript or PDF files, processing text using LaTeX.



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Please use GitHub to Checkout the Source!This project hosts the code for the book Pro Web 2.0 Application Development with GWT by Jeff Dwyer. An interview about the book and sample chapter on SEO with GWT is available on InfoQ. Also there's an interview about the book and the project at The goal of this book was to end up with more than just trivial examples. Instead, I really tried to write the book that I would’ve wanted to read when I started with GWT. For me, fig

Latex-makefile - A Makefile for LaTeX on *nix

LaTeX Makefile This is a single GNU makefile that builds a LaTeX document into various targets with minimal latex/bibtex invocations. It colorizes and swallows the normally unhelpful latex output so that errors and other important messages are easy to spot. It handles GNUplot, Fig, and Dot image creation (and many more formats besides), and does automatic dependency tracking. Perhaps most important, it is convenient because it is a single file and only depends on standard Unix utilities that are

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$ sudo pip install -U fig$ building -o fig.yml myuser/container-name$ fig up -dCreating myapp_web_1...$ fig scale web=3Starting myapp_web_2...Starting myapp_web_3...$ fig ps Name Command State Ports -------------------------------------------------- myapp_web_3 /start web Up 49192->8080/tcp myapp_web_2 /start web Up 49191->8080/tcp myapp_web_1 /start web Up 49190->8080/tcp This gives you a full Heroku like scaling environment in