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Field Modeler 2012

Field Modeler 2012 was designed to allow introductory and advanced undergraduate students to get a ‘feel’ for the nature of the electromagnetic field.

Cf-python - Python interface to the proposed CF-netCDF data model

The python cf packageA minimal reference inplementation of the proposed CF data model. CF is a netCDF convention which is in wide and growing use for the storage of model-generated and observational data relating to the atmosphere, ocean and Earth system. This software: Reads and writes CF-netCDF files, and contains the data and metadata in memory in objects called fields in a way which is consistent with the data model. Aggregates fields according to the CF aggregation rules. Allows the creatio

Traviancompanion - Travian Companion Selenium Edition

Travian Companion assists a Travian game player one-on-one. In the Travian game, a player's resources or armies can only be delivered in a specific time. Most of the other time, the player is just waiting, waiting, and waiting. When the player has a companion, the companion will take over all the boring tasks. The player has the ability to focus on designing a strategic goal and pursue that goal. The goal can be building a level 10 crop field, destroying the enemies, helping allies, attacking WW

Django-firebird - Firebird database backend for Django

django-firebirdThis is a firebird backend implementation for django that enables Firebird (version 1.5 and later) RDBMS support. The current trunk version works with Django 1.3 Tested against Firebird 1.5.6, 2.0.x and 2.1.x This is alpha software - use it at your own risk. MigrationsWe have a first approach to support migrations using south. Check it out at Update 2012-03-13: south with firebird support is now part of original project. https://bitbucket.or

Tesseroids - Forward modeling of gravitational fields in spherical coordinates

If you are interested in other kinds of geophysical modeling and also inversion, check out another open source project by myself and group of colleagues called Fatiando a Terra! In the future, I expect to merge Tesseroids with Fatiando a Terra. NewsMay 2, 2012: Development has started on the next release (v1.1)! To see the development changes and source code, go to the Bitbucket mirror. The documentation for the development version is available at Read the Docs. AboutTesseroids is a set of comma

J-calais - Java interface to the OpenCalais API

j-calais a Java RESTful interface to the OpenCalais API ** 02/27/2012 -- Artifacts for version 1.0 have been deployed to Maven Central repository ** ** 05/16/2011 -- Package names have been updated on version 0.2.1 please use mx.bigdata.jcalais ** Usage: Setup the client, and analyze a text fragment: CalaisClient client = new CalaisRestClient("OpenCalais API key"); CalaisResponse response = client.analyze("Prosecutors at the trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor " + " hope the testim

Beanio - BeanIO is a Java library for marshalling and unmarshalling bean objects from a stream, with

BeanIOBeanIO is an open source Java framework for marshalling and unmarshalling Java beans, or plain old java objects (POJO's), from a large flat file, stream, or simple String object. BeanIO is configured using an XML mapping file, and currently supports XML, CSV, delimited, and fixed length file formats. For more information, including an online reference guide, please visit NewsBeanIO 2.0.0 Released (May 20, 2012)Release 2.0.0 is the most powerful BeanIO version to date

jquery-ui-datepicker-extension-buddhist-era ( datepicker be )

Update 2012/01/24 Fix date ranges problem. 2011/07/01 add example to download section. If you got any issue please contact me at EnglishThis is extension for jquery-ui-datepicker to make it support support BE (buddhist era) Format Tested with jquery-ui-datepicker version 1.8.13 and jquery-1.6 Usageinclude this file after jquery and jquery-ui ( or jquery-ui-datepicker ) Extension Option(bool)isBE : true to enable BE era (bool)autoConversionField : true to auto create hidden inp

Wordpress-java - A Java client library to interact with the xmlrpc interface of wordpress.

NoteMailing list for wordpress-java has changed. Please check the link at the left to subscribe to the new group. IntroductionThis is a small client library and a command line interface for interacting with the xmlrpc interface of wordpress. For command-line options see the OptionsPage. Examples about using the API is available at ExampleCode. API documentation for version 0.4 is available at the javadoc pages. Please see Wiki Pages for more information on specific topics. Changelog0.5 (Feb 9, 2

Opengeoportal - OpenGeoPortal is an open source web portal for a GIS repository.

Welcome. OpenGeoPortal is a reliable, powerful, flexible GIS data portal that meets the needs of academic organizations. You can try it out at Tufts' production instance. Tufts began running OGP release 1.1 on March 15, 2012. Would you like to run OpenGeoPortal on your own machines? If so, you should: Download a deployable war file from the project's Downloads page OR go to the source code repository and check out the latest version Email me ( and ask for some sample d