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Fido is a library of Java classes that accept natural language (ie English) commands. The system uses a database of hierarchial objects to determine what actions to take. Currently, Fido accepts English command to control EJBs or Web Services



Related Projects


FidoCad is a Windows program for drawing electronic schematics and printed circuits.

Walther-Fido package for BeOS

A set of programs for working in FidoNet under BeOS.

Xenia - FidoNet technology mailer/utils

Xenia - FidoNet technology mailer, editor and utilities (original author: Arjen Lentz, BitBike / Lentz Software-Development) Prime objective: Linux port.

BinkleyTerm XE

BinkleyTerm is a freely available FidoNet compatible electronic mail interface and dumb terminal package. This means it's a program for receiving and sending mail and files within FidoNet or other Fido Technology Networks


EvilBoss is the packet of utilities written on Perl. It's designed for configure/control big FidoNet Node or Hub.

QFE - Qt FTN Message Editor

QFE is full-featured cross-platform FTN message editor with a graphical interface. It written on C++/Qt and does not depend on either KDE, Gnome or other window managers. All operations with FIDO message base use fidoconfig library from HUSKY project.


FIDONet nodes and points automatic installation package


FIDOGATE is a Fido-Internet gateway, a Fido FTN-FTN NetMail gateway, a Fido tosser, a Fido file processor/ticker, and a Fido Areafix/Filefix program

Pyrobot - A Python interface to iRobot's Roomba and Create.

PyRobot is a high-level Python interface, built on pySerial, to iRobot's Roomba and Create. PyRobot is also the name of another Python robotics library formerly known as Pyro. PyRobot was originally created for this instructable for using the Create and an OLPC for telepresence. Since then, the telepresence project has become project Fido. Fido uses a GSD web interface for controlling the Create/Roomba over the internet. Fido Features Automated docking and charging of both the OLPC and the Creat