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Fides is an extensible enterprise library for .NET 2.0 upwards and Java, containing a Object Relational Mapping framework and geared for simplicity and productivity.



Related Projects

Jester - chess tournament manager

jester is a software to manage and organize chess tournaments. Currently available Pairing systems are: Round Robin Swiss Simple Implemented Ranking Systems are: Buchholz Sonneborn-Berger Other Features: Reporting with Jasper Reports. Reports can be customized with IReport. Using the export capabilities of Jasper for: XML, PDF, HTML, CSV, Excel and its Servlet Feature Importing Data from SSB and FIDE Fancy Result Editor based on ZEST Facebook and Twitter Status Updates Multilanguage support: DE,

Jsrss - jsRSS - A javascript RSS 2.0 library

The purpose of the jsRSS is to realize a RSS 2.0 javascript parser. jsRSS implements the specifications from the RSS Board and it is based on prototype javascript framework. At the moment there is not jet code available to be downloaded, It need to be cleared a bit and reviewed. If you are interested you can check the demo page you can find following this link. It shows how the parser manages the RSS information from my Twitter. Please, do not care the ugliness of the page, my intention is just

Patriarchs - Two player, turn-based game in Python2 and Pygame

Patriarchs, by Piousoft 2010 Patriarchs is a turn-based, two player game derived from the Patriarchs Chess Gaming System, soon to be released by Piousoft, God willing. Introduction Each player controls an army, much like FIDE chess, there is the Blue Army and the Red Army. Each player seeks to capture the opposition Patriarch unit to win. There are four unit types in total: Patriarch The Patriarch is the central unit in the army and each army has only one, it may move one square in any direction

cauldron - a framework / toolkit for embedded BSD environments

Cauldron Project Give that a stir, would ya? AboutThe Cauldron Project (formally bsd-appliance) is derived from work done at Collaborative Fusion, Inc. with the goal of developing a scalable and manageable enterprise-class BSD-based appliance platform. Much of the work was originally based on Gray Watson 's Soekris on OpenBSD Diskless Project . The work was the topic for a paper and associated presentation at EuroBSDCon 2006 and NYCBSDCon 2006. The current framework is ideal for bona-fide networ

Spmlot - Statistical Parametric Mapping for Laminar Optical Tomography

Statistical Parametric Mapping for Laminar Optical TomographyMotivationWhile 3D activation maps recovered in our former work (Ouakli, Guevara, Dubeau, Beaumont, & Lesage, 2010) provide a volumetric view of activation, it is difficult to fully interpret the results since they only convey amplitude. To make LOT a bona fide neuronal technique, statistical measures akin to those in fMRI (The FIL methods group, 2010) are developed in this work to provide statistical maps of activation rather than sim

Sm-ssc - The next generation of StepMania, focusing on improved speed, usability between game modes

StepMania 5 (previously known as StepMania SSC/"sm-ssc") is the next generation of StepMania. It makes the assumption that most players play at home (either with a keyboard, dance pad/controller/other input device, or even an arcade machine). Some of SM5's features include: Per-chart TimingData (aka "Split BPM") The ability to enable AutoSetStyle, allowing for multiple styles (e.g. dance-single, dance-solo) during a single gameplay session. New game modes and chart types (e.g. kb7, dance-threepa

Chianair - 深圳环迅国际货�代�公�项目部

<span style="color: #ff0000;">=HXL-LOGISTICS=</span> a freight forwarder company located in CHINA, established in 2000 with the headquarter in HONGKONG, and registered in 2005 inland. And our operation code 4403000509 registered at international freight forwarder cooperation, also to be CIFA with the associated number 09086, and get the first-class feright forwarder licence card. At present, we, hifi LOGISTICS has already own its perfect agent internet with more than 100 specialized

Chess-FIDE - Release history of Chess-FIDE

Release history of Chess-FIDE

fideparser - A script to parse FIDE ratings website and extract tournament information

A script to parse FIDE ratings website and extract tournament information