FiBRE - The FireBird Replication Engine

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Free replication tools for the FireBird database



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Generic SCSI Target Subsystem For Linux

Generic SCSI target subsystem for Linux SCST allows creation of sophisticated storage devices. It includes generic SCSI target core with SCSI target drivers and backend handlers. There are target drivers for iSCSI, Fibre Channel, SRP, SAS, FCoE, etc.

snping: Storage Network ping utility

snping is a 'ping' like utility for storage networks, such as Fibre Channel and iSCSI.

Fibernavigator - tool for visualization of dti and mri data

This project is dedicated to the development of fast and versatile visualization of results of deterministic tractography, including effective selection of fibres, to the effective visualization of probabilistic tractograms, including surface texturing, and to the integration of fibre visualization with the display of MRI, functional MRI and EEG/MEG source localization results. News - 2012-05-03A major branch has been merged to the trunk today. This branch implements a refactoring of the core of


The Host Bus Adapter API (Applications Programming Interface) is a C-level project to manage Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters.

HBA API Verification Program

HBAVERIFY project is developing a C-based application for testing the Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter (HBA) API, developed through the Storage Networking Industry Association (


MoGraSo is a programme for modelling long-period fibre gratings. Using modal methods (LP and hybrid modes), a transfer matrix in the radial direction and coupled mode theory, ensures a flexible, accurate and fast simulation.

Polymode - A python library for the modal analysis of microstructured optical fibers

Polymode is a package for the modal analysis of optical fibers, particularly microstructured optical fiber (MOF) or photonic crystal fibers (PCF) with silica or polymer construction. The performance of such fibres can be calculated from a knowledge of the effective indices and losses of all or at least a sufficient number of the modes, to give, for example, local density of states, numerical aperture, bandwidth or mixing behaviour under various perturbations. The Polymode software is currently t

Common Host Bus Adapter CIM Provider

This project is developing a Java based CIM provider for Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters (HBAs). It uses the common HBA API developed by the Storage Nerwork Industry Association (SNIA), available at: This project will conform to pro

Emulex Linux Drivers

This project is a development area for a Linux Device driver for Emulex Fibre Channel HBA's, targetting the Linux 2.6 kernel. For White Papers and Errata, please see the driver download area. SCST support has just been added!!

Pni-network-browser - Network browser for PNI

A PNI network browser/explorer. Start from a cable, displayes fibres and shows the connected fibres/ports