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Related Projects

Cell BE 2D FFT

A lightweight 2D FFT library for the Cell architecture. Intended to do in-core, 2D FFTs distributed across the Cell's SPEs to achieve new heights in high-speed 2D FFTs.

Anfft - An FFT package for Python, based on FFTW

NewsANFFT 0.2 was released on April 8, 2012. Windows (32-bit) is now supported. This version also features improved single-precision real-to-complex transforms (thanks to Jeffrey Whitaker and G. Holzmann). What is ANFFT?ANFFT is an FFT package for Python, based on FFTW. It provides a means to perform multi-threaded, self-tuning FFTs via the following high-level functions, similar to those found in NumPy and SciPy: fft, ifft, fftn, ifftn (real/complex -> complex and inverse) rfft, irfft, rfftn, i

Polymul - Fast multivariate polynomial multiplication in C++

IntroductionPolymul is a self-contained C++ template library for efficient multiplication of multivariate polynomials. It is intended for low order polynomials of a few variables, but is in principle limited only by the compiler's maximum template recursion depth. Polynomials can be created over any scalar type, such as integers or floating point numbers. In addition to normal polynomial multiplication the library can also do truncated (Taylor series) multiplication, as well as linear changes of

Finite-transform-library - Library for Finite Transforms such as the Number Theoretic Transform.

Library for Finite Transforms such as the Number Theoretic Transform (NTT) and others. Current modules include NTTW which is the NTT library with high resolution (microsecond) timing, basic array and imaging. The transforms are optimised for performance. Finite Transform Library (FTL) has two modules that cover two transforms defined on the finite circle not commonly found in open source. NTTWThe first is the NTTW library for Number Theoretic Transforms (NTTs). NTTs are pure digital transforms c

Analog-box - Analog Box audio synthesizer / visual programming environment

Analog Box is an open-source, circuit based, modular software synthesizer. You put sound objects on the screen, connect them together, listen and adjust. When you find something you like, you can record it to a wav file, or just save the circuit and play it again later. If you are interested in contributing to this project, please contact Andy or William. ABox242AlphaDebug and ABox242AlphaRelease downloads are found in source directory at Release: < http://analog-box.googlecode.com/svn-history/r

Discrete-geometry-viewer - DGV Allows Data Visualisation via Images, Surfaces and Volume plots using

The Discrete Geometry 3D Viewer (DGV) is a simple and light-weight Scientific Visualisation tool using an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI). It uses OpenGL to display line, surface and volume plots from a variety of data formats: PNG, TIFF, PNM (PGM etc.), BMP, TGA and JPEG images DICOM images VTK Legacy (VTK) and XML Image (VTI) format Comma Seperated Values (CSV) files Image Stacks (PNG, TIFF, PNM (PGM etc.), BMP and JPEG) GNUPlot Format (2-tuple) Files Blitz++ Array Format Files For Us

Spekle - Gtk-less version of Vala-based spek Acoustic Spectrum Analyser for batch-mode, non-interact

Spekle: Vala-based FFMPEG Spectrum Analysis of Audio Video MediaSpek is a Vala and Gtk-based interactive program to display spectrograms of audio using a variety of codecs supported by ffmpeg library and libavcodec. Spekle is a fork of Alexander Kojevnikov's "spek 0.6" which doesn't require an X $DISPLAY to be set, takes numerous command-line-options, and is desgined to operate in "batch" mode. It's basically a brute-force cleansing of all Gtk code, leaving behind the ffmpeg based decoding, avff

FunWithFFT - A private project, messing around with audio and FFTs

A private project, messing around with audio and FFTs

tAlign - Text alignment for OCR using FFTs

Text alignment for OCR using FFTs


A failed attempt at using FFTs for all to see.