FFT Spectra

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FFT Spectra is a tool for visualization of frequency spectra of an audio signal. What is it good for? For instance, you can verify whether you are able to sing and whistle in-tune or tune your guitar.




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We introduce a novel suite of informatics tools for the quantitative analysis of NMR metabolomic profile data. The core of the processing cascade is a novel peak alignment algorithm, called hierarchical Cluster-based Peak Alignment (CluPA). The algorithm aligns a target spectrum to the reference spectrum in a top-down fashion by building a hierarchical cluster tree from peak lists of reference and target spectra and then dividing the spectra into smaller segments based on the most distant cluste

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Aggression DetectorThe project develops tools for work meeting situations to detect when people raise their voice in an angry, aggressive way. The situation that the project seeks to address has been described as follows: "Everyone starts out calm, but then an idea will be debated. Some debaters are under the impression that the loudest, most aggressive argument will win. So they start to yell. Gradually, the noise increases from discussion to yelling, because others feel as if they need to yell