Free Focused Scroll

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Advanced trackpad driver to support Apple Powerbooks and iBooks using ADB trackpads. Adds circular scrolling, scrolling areas and hotspots by running the pad in absolute mode.



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FFS File System Driver for Windows

FFS File System Driver for Windows 2000/XP/2003, allows you to get a read access to FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD FFS(UFS) partitions.

ufs2tools - UFS for Windows

ufs2tools contains tools for reading ufs (ffs) filesystems and bsd labels from windows 2000/XP. both ufs1 and ufs2 are supported.

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ForumFree Skinner (FFS) è un progetto nato per rendere facile la modifica delle skin di, e Cosa c'è di diverso dall'editor di ForumFree? Con FFS non c'è bisogno di sapere il css. Tutte le modifiche avvengono tramite interfaccia grafica Cosa cambia da un editor css/html? FFS è un software gratuito ed open source che funziona con pochissime risorse sia su Windows che Linux. E' sviluppato avendo un target di utenza ed un template ben definiti. Rispe

Fast File Search

Fast File Search is a crawler of FTP servers and SMB shares (Windows shares and UNIX systems running Samba). WWW interface is provided for searching files. FFS is similar to FemFind but optimized for speed.


If you reach this page most likely you are looking for Rodi P2P binary release - check web site If you are looking for CLI/FFS/AOS portable C/C++ libraries for RTOS quot;emLibquot; package is the way to go

Ffs-freelancer - French Freelancer Server

Modding project for

Small-ffs - Flash file system for small micros

The file system implements a floating fat to prevent excessive wear of any aria. Each fat or file page is indexed and has a reference to its previous and next page if such a page exits. The fat contains the file name, first page address, first byte offset and total file size. The system loads the working page for both fat and file into ram on a read modify write scheme. When looking for open space the systems is conscious of wear leveling and attempts to distribute wear evenly.