ffmpeg-php extension

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ffmpeg-php is a PHP extension that adds functions for accessing and retrieving information from movies and audio files. ffmpeg-php provides access to the many audio and video formats supported by ffmpeg.




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Moviephp - movie php is a php-based ffmpeg and mplayer parsing class to replace ffmpeg-php

When one needs certain limited functionality regarding movies and php, one usually thinks about ffmpeg-php. Moviephp is planned to be a pure-php solution to the limitations of a .so-based php extensions (ffmpeg-php, which I LOVE!).

Lordgnu-video - Hosting and encoding system of youtube-like videos, based on php and ffmpeg

We needed to rewrite the way we were hosting and encoding videos for a massive multi-services hosting provider. The project is based on PHP and ffmpeg, with a focus on scalability.

Halfgray--media-convert-php - Php class to handle common media conversion task. Installer for ffmpeg

Media Convert Php is a php class that provides easy to use functions that handle common media conversion tasks. Media Convert Php uses ffmpeg, flvtool2, sox, and ffmpeg-php. Smart naming is used to prevent name collisions. The class also auto detects application paths if not passed. Function Overview: Merge video Mix audio Merge audio Thumbnails merge audio and video convert to flv convert to ipod The Media Convert installer installs ffmpeg, flvtool2, sox, ffmpeg-php, and required dependencies.

Phpvideotoolkit - This class is an Object Orientated PHP wrapper around FFmpeg, FLVTools2 and Mencod

This class is a wrapper around the FFmpeg, FLVTools2 and Mencoder programs to allow PHP developers to manipulate and convert video files in any easy to use object oriented way. It also currently provides FFmpeg-PHP emulation in pure PHP so you wouldn't need to compile and install the module. Note, it isn't intended as a FFmpeg-PHP replacement, only an alternative solution and it is recommended that if you make heavy use of the FFmpeg-PHP functionality you should install the module as it is more

Build-ffmpeg - ffmpeg + mplayer + mencoder script for fedora/centos or any linux host (debian/ubuntu

ffmpeg + mplayer + mencoder script for fedora/centos or any linux host (debian/ubuntu) Needed for this php class http://www.phpclasses.org/browse/package/3747.html where generic install is described but we hope to make it fully scriptable here http://www.phpclasses.org/browse/file/18261.html TO DO : Rewrite the script in php And use the ubuntu/debian build method (debian way) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ffmpeg And use the fedora/centos build method (redhat way)

Simulacra - SIG: Image Gallery (Simulacra)

A web-based image gallery written in PHP. SIG: Image Gallery (i.e. SIG, a recursive acronym) is a complete rewrite of the gallery and a successor to Simulacra Image Gallery. "Simulacra" will eventually be removed as a product name. You are encouraged to download sig-2.0.0-alpha.tar.gz and add entries to the "Issues" list. The thumbnail folder created by SIG is not compatible with previous versions. A crafy person could probably whip up a script to convert the old to the new. Perhaps this is a fe

Vod-at-home - Video On Demand At Home allows on-the-fly video streaming on a network

VoD@Home allows web video streaming of many video containers like avi, mpeg,... or audio files as mp3 by converting files "on-the-fly" using a dedicated web server/streaming engine based on PHP sockets and processes, and using FFMPEG binaries. Originally desgined for use at home (3/4 streams max), video streams can be displayed on a large variety of systems using a web browser and Adobe Flash Player plugin.

Openvcore - An open-source Adobe FMS3 VOD frontend written in PHP

OpenvCore is a project that allows you to create your own video-sharing platform. It is written entirely in modular PHP5 code and uses a Smarty-compatible templating system for the front end. The requirements are: Apache 2. PHP 5. PostgreSQL 8. Adobe Flash Media Server 3 with VOD service configured and working In addition to this; any recent FFMPEG version (for encoding uploaded videos) (optional)