FFFF - Fast Floating Fractal Fun

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FFFF is the fastest Win32/OSX/Linux/IRIX Mandelbrot generator. Features OpenGL, realtime zoom, SSE/AltiVec QuadPixel, SSE2/3DNow! DualPixel calc, FPU per pixel calc, GPU asm (Fragment/Vertex) calc, multiprocessor support, and benchmarking. Opt asm code!




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Despite the fact that there are many ways to transform Unicode, there are cases where existing tools can not handle this task properly. Instruments provided by operating systems are not portable and large libraries like libiconv or icu are to big and generic to handle only this task. In my opinion utfcpp project http://utfcpp.sourceforge.net is the best solutions for such problems, but unfortunately it is not possible to use it with C. The aim of this project is to provide an easy and portable C

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