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ffdshow is an advanced DirectShow filter and VFW codec that supports many audio and video formats. For example: H.264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, H.263, VP3, VP6, Theora, MJPEG, SVQ3, MP3, AC3, DTS, E-AC3, AAC, and Vorbis.




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Playmars - Mars @ Play is a free and simple C# DirectShow media player

Mars@Play This media player is a video/audio/picture player built with C# (.NET) that uses DirectShow video via VMR9. It is mainly built around the IVMRMixerBitmap9 interface. This interface accept bitmaps as a Direct3D Surface. The main advantage of the Direct3D Surface is that it enables the use of true alpha transparency. We use it for subtitles. They are dynamically generated bitmaps using managed DirectX. Latest version: Features: basic audio regulation (menu + UP/DOWN keys) SubRip (.srt) s

Media Control

Media Control is a Windows Media Center plugin that enhances the features offered to the end user. It is interfaced with FFDShow Tryout, a DirectShow filter that is able to decode most audio & video formats.

Kh323phone - A H.323 endpoint using h323plus open source

Introduction H323Plus,the standard in open source H.323. Kh323hone is an example to demonstrate using h323plus framework to create typical H.323 endpoint applications feature call and media. This program can be used to make calls or to receive calls from other H.323 endpoints. Background Framework dependencies. Openh323 and PTLib open source. (http://www.h323plus.org) nasm.exe - The Netwide Assembler (http://sourceforge.net/projects/nasm/) Microsoft Windows DirectX 9.0 SDK. PortAudio - an open s

ffdshow-tryouts - ffdshow-tryouts git svn clone

ffdshow-tryouts git svn clone