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Freifunk-Firmware is a specialized Linux/OpenWRT distribution for LinkSys WRT54g wireless routers and similar devices. A web-based admin UI and a single firmware file for uploading will make it easy to join OLSR based WLAN community networks.



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Sedev - SE Developers project group aiming to deliver best and easiest tools to mod your Sony Ericss

SEDEV [ ] Studio products making sedev project group is applications designed for every user to achieve very easy and robust modding and tweaking experience for educational purposes only. SEDEV Patch Studio 1.2 is Windows, Linux and Mac OSX compatible application for modding, repairing and servicing Sony Ericsson cell / mobile phones in the case they malfunction or are damaged by improper software customisations made by community. Project mainly is intended to deliver on-the-fly VKP Recovery Pat