FEZ Hacker port for .NET Micro Framework

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.NET Micro Framework includes a basic port for SAM7X microcontroller. The open-source arduino-pinout-compatible FEZ Hacker is using the same processor but in this port we are detailing the port and extending its features, like PWM, Analog...etc.




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MRDS FezMini Robot Brick

This is an attemp to write services for MRDS to control a FezMini Robot with a wireless connection attached to COM2 on the FezMini Board.

Robotfreak - Projects Collection

This is my collection of projects Robots my collection of robots FezBridge a .NETMF implementation of Android Debug Bridge (ADB) for FEZ devices

Fez-tools-c4d - FantasyEarthZero Tools Developed

To help facilitate the management of files generated and rewritten configuration file.

Melody Glider

Application written for FEZ Cobra using .NET Micro Framework and GHI's graphical library called Glide. At first my intention was to create a library to drive a buzzer for playing simple melodies, but later it turned out that it can be also an example of a little advanced GUI.

Microframework-uav - Multicopter based on the .Net Microframework

Multicopter based on the .Net MicroframeworkEntwicklung eines Multicopter. Als Hardware wird ein FEZ Domino verwendet. Software basierend auf dem Microsoft Microframework 4.1, geschrieben in C# Development of a Multicopter. Hardware based on FEZ Domino, a .Net Microframwork based µC. Written in C# Anyone's help is welcome.

M2M communication MQTT Client Library

MQTT Client Library for all .Net platform for M2M communication.

Tyrannt Micro

This is an RPG game which runs on the .net Micro Framework Gadgeteer platform. It uses the FEZ Spider hardware

MindSharp - its C# for Lego Mindstorm

A NxShield Library for the .NET Micro Framework using FEZ boards (like FEZ Panda and Domino)