Feynman Simulation Framework

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The Feynman Simulation Framework provides a standard methodology for software engineers to develop simulations in Ruby with the flexibility to develop only the classes that are necessary to solve the physical problem.




Related Projects


JaxoDraw is a tool to generate Feynman diagrams in a mouse click-and-drag fashion. Graphs can be exported to a variety of graphics formats and arbitrary latex code can be used for labels to produce high-quality publishing-style figures.

A-f-d-c - AFDC++:Automatization of Feynman Diagram Calculations

Tool for automatization of multiloop feynman diagram calculations____________________________ ____/__ || _____|_/ // __ \\_ ___//_/ |||__/ __ // / `___/ __, || __|/_/ // /___ ___/_/ \\_|||/___,_/ \\____/_______________________________Package: AFDC Version: 0.3 Author: Andrey Pikelner, DLNP JINR, Dubna New algorithm in project romb realizedcollect_squares.cpp

Tufte-latex - A Tufte-inspired LaTeX class for producing handouts, papers, and books

As discussed in the Book Design thread of Edward Tufte's Ask E.T Forum, this site is home to LaTeX classes for producing handouts and books according to the style of Edward R. Tufte and Richard Feynman. Download the latest release, browse the source, join the mailing list, submit patches, and/or write some wiki pages. Contributors are welcome to help polish these classes! Some examples of the Tufte-LaTeX classes in action: Some papers by Jason Catena using the handout class A handout for a math

meagle map view GIS software.

Meagle is a map viewing GIS software which work in embedded environment and base on MiniGUI. It have features such as move, zoom in and out, rotate, eagle eyes, custom map file format. Please buy the copy right from Feynman company(http://www.minigui.com). 一个嵌入�下的基于MiniGUI的GIS地图查看软件,有平移,缩放,旋转,鹰眼,自定义地图文件格�等功能。本软件为商业软件,请到飞漫公�(http://www.minigui.com) 购买版�� http://www.huzheng

Pi-qmc - Path integral quantum Monte Carlo

This is a quantum simulation program from the Shumway Research Group, which focuses on applications to nanoscience and technology. Path integral Monte Carlo (PIMC) simulates particles (often electrons and ions) by directly sampling the canonical partition function. In the path integral formulation of quantum statistical mechanics developed by Richard Feynman, particles get represented by closed imaginary-time trajectories of length �/kT. PIMC simulations are able to compute total energies, cor

FeynmanDiagram - draw feynman diagrams in SVG

draw feynman diagrams in SVG