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Ferry is a customizable source code editing component; key features: 100% Unicode support - LTR, RTL (Hebrew, Arabic) scripts are handled; syntax highlighting (uses external engines); variable height text lines; convenient API, etc.




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GraphHopper - Fast and Open Source Road Routing Engine in Java

GraphHopper is a fast and Open Source road routing engine. It works with OpenStreetMap data. It has additional implementations for A*, Dijkstra and the bidirected versions, Takes care of the road type, the surface, barriers, access restrictions, ferries, Supports Car, Bike, Pedestrian and you can easily create your own or customize existing vehicles and lot more. It is tuned towards road networks with OpenStreetMap data but can be useful for public transport problems as well.

Ferrybooking - Ferry travel booking system

The ferry travel booking system is a online ferry ticket booking system. Cilents can select routes, date, time, price and other specifications to book ticket online. The back-end management system can maintain the routes, fares, schedules and prices. This system use C#, NHibernate, SQL Server 2005 as development tools.

Upsferry - Ferry Route Tracking and Prediction

Summer project at University of Puget Sound.

Ferry Booking System

An online ferry ticket booking system using NHibernate as ORM tool and SQL Server as backend datebase.

USA DOT Traveller

Apps for the USA states for the traffic cameras, alerts, transit, flights, vessels and ferries.

Jferry - java client for jersey

Ferry is a java client lib to access restful webservices based on jax-rs (jsr-311). Features: easy to use simple API simple integration support of: JSON XML Example of usage: // URL of RESTful WebServiceString URL = "http://www.example.com:9998/person";// create a service proxyIService personService = JaxRsClientProxyFactory.createProxy(IService.class, URL);\t\tHow to start: See QuickStartTutorial

Travelfusion-xmlclient-j - Communicate with the Travelfusion Direct Connect XML API web-service usin

This project provides Java libraries for applications that wish to use the Travelfusion Direct Connect XML API service. The Travelfusion Direct Connect XML API service from Travelfusion is an XML over HTTP web-service that allows callers to search for the best current travel offers (eg. flights, hotels, car rentals, package deals, trains, ferries, etc.) from a multitude of online suppliers. You can read about the Travelfusion Direct Connect XML API specification here: http://xmldocs.travelfusion

Rubyferry - An automated C++ to Ruby wrapper

RubyFerry is a library which wraps C++ classes in a way that thier methods can be called from Ruby. It is implemented mostly using C++ templates and needs no additional code preprocessing.

Xdbforms - XDBForms - when xform meets database metadata

XDBForms is a Java library to create an XForm document (with xschema binding) from a database table. You can generate XForm submission document to insert or update record. Gianfranco Murador, Matteo Ferri, Cristian Castiglia. Note: first stable release 3.0 G.A. If you have installed FireFox 3.5, you can use an not official xform firefox addons downloadable here: http://philipp.wagner.name/blog/2009/07/hooray-xforms-for-firefox-3-5-is-here/ MCG08 Copyright (C) 2009

Nextboat - A more commuter-centric WSDOT ferry android application

nextboat is an open-source WSDOT ferry app that I originally created for myself a while back (as a bicycle commuting on the Bainbridge Island/Seattle boat). And now I want to share it with my fellow ferry commuters. ;) nextboat was/is heavily influenced by WSDOT, Next Manly Ferry, Ferry Flee and Next Manly Ferry.