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FElt is an open source system for finite element analysis, primarily for mechanical problems. FElt includes command line tools, an X11 interface for pre- and post-processing, and a Windows editor interface with some post-processing capabilities.




Related Projects

Apache Rat - Apache Rat improves accuracy and efficiency when reviewing and auditing releases.

Apache Rat improves accuracy and efficiency when reviewing and auditing releases.

Felted - Java poker gui

FeltedA Poker GUI(This project is in its infancy and not yet functional) Felted is a general purpose poker GUI written in Java. It is the graphical front end only, and does not include any poker logic.

Myqdb - A fast lightweight highly customizable QDB written in php.

MyQDB was originally developed by the original author because he felt that other PHP based QDB's just weren't good enough. -Thetan

Justtodolist - A web based todo list built on Google App Engine

This is yet another web/Ajax based todo list. I had used tadalist for a period of time and felt that it could be improved. This is my attempt at it.

Tweeclient - A lightweight, full-featured .NET-based desktop Twitter client.

Twee is a lightweight Twitter client that provides "push" notification of new tweets, easy status updates, and nifty keyboard shortcuts to make the experience as fluid as possible. Twitter never felt this good before.

Mobileexpensetracker - J2ME based "Expense Tracking Application" for Mobile phones

How many times you got a feeling that just because you don’t have a PC or a notebook in hand, you loose tracking expenses. How many times you felt that if there is a facility in mobile for tracking your expenses you will be more than happy. Well this project is meant to solve that problem.

Maplist-generator - A program to generate maplists from counter-strike: source servers

This project was created out of my need to updated my css server, every time I uploaded a lot of maps I rearly felt like writing the maplist.txt file, therfor I made this program to do it. It looks at the maps folder and creates the maplist.txt file with all the new maps. The program is written in the python language

Native code wrapping using c# : fsutil sparse commands

Ever thought about creating HUGE FILES for future use but felt bad for the wasted memory? Well, SPARSE FILES are the ANSWER! This FSUTIL SPARSE COMMANDS WRAPPING CODE will help any user to create, query, set as and check those files using the convenient c# anguage. Enjoy!

Castle-php - Castle PHP is a simple PHP framework for building MVC applications easily.

PHP has many framework. I have gone through some of them. The difficulty I felt in those framework is the learning curve. Most of it uses complex directory stuructures and difficult to remember naming conventions. Also every framework uses their own methods for templating and db access. You don't have an option to put in something you are familiar with like smarty or something. I started web programming with PHP. I felt it as a powerful language in case of speed and ease of use for web. When I s

Wp-series - Wordpress Post Series Plugin

Although I have found a few Wordpress plugins capable of relating several posts to eachother as a series, I couldn't find anything I was crazy about and I felt like this might be a fun plugin to write. So that's precisely what this plugin does. It allows you to relate any number of your Wordpress posts together as a series. It is completely plug and play. No theme configuration is necessary. All configuration is managed via an easy to use menu in the Wordpress admin.