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A backend to aggregate many rss or atom news feeds into one, your own feed. You now subscribe to feeds not in your graphical feed reader client but in the feedproxy database. Feedproxy then fetches the feeds periodically and stores the news into it's database in the background. You just have to subscribe to a single one feed provided by feedproxy to get the previously stored news in your regular feed reader. It's transparent. Helps the problem of reading the same news again and again on many computers you use - as those clients work individually, every news is new to them. Feedproxy remembers you've already read one and wont send it to you again. Also useful when you go on vacation, as the proxy automatically fetches the content into database without the need to run a graphical client. It's like a Google Reader alternative without the Evil. Supports Amazon Kindle, can send the referred article contents with images automatically as a book via Kindle-It.




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Feednet - .NET RSS Feed reading library

Open Source RSS Feed reading library for .NET Loosely based upon the ruby Feedzirra project by Paul Dix. I will call this an alpha release. It works. But I have many ideas for improvements. Feeder myFeeder = new Feeder();Feed x = myFeeder.getFeed("http://feedproxy.google.com/TechCrunch");x.title;x.entries.First().title;

Ossandcad - Pro/Toolkit and SolidWorks API based Plugins

IntroductionOn this site you will find many basic CAD plugin workspaces to help you with your CAD development tasks. I currently target the following CAD systems SolidWorks (2007 and up) Pro/Engineer (Wildfire 3.0 and up) but may add other CAD systems in the future. ASSUMPTIONS. READ CAREFULLY.You are a software developer. I only provide source code, not a runnable executable. You have access to MS Visual Studio (I developed these projects in VS 2005 Standard, but they will probably work in futu

wp-untracker - removes google feedproxy links from wordpress posts

removes google feedproxy links from wordpress posts

http-feedproxy - A proxy server to test Atom/RSS feeds

A proxy server to test Atom/RSS feeds


a simple firefox plugin and google appengine help you to get real link behind feedburner/feedproxy.google.com and url shorten services

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