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FeedFriend is a news filter and discovery tool that learns what you like and gives more of it. FF uses collaborative rating to predict the news you'll enjoy reading. As you rate news FF finds out what you like comparing your choices with other FF users'




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Django-homecms - HomeCMS is a personal blog engine.

HomeCMS is meant to keep track of the following areas of your life: Blog Bookmarks Web photo albums Search History QuickThoughts Calendar Events Outsourcing most of the creation of this content is a serious goal. Ideally HomeCMS site content is created and edited in feed-friendly online apps (Blogger, PicasaWeb, Google Calendar, etc.). It is then the job of HomeCMS to import said content into its local DB and display it. Also, CMS is probably a bit of a misnomer. It's really meant to be a blog o

Layout4j - CMS layout engine

VisionGoalsCore conceptsTechnical architectureLayersPersistenceMarkupApplicationsRoadmap VisionMake content managed layouts simple. GoalsWe aim to find the "sweet spot" where the following goals overlap: HTML friendly: Support for other view technologies is secondary. Flexible Support for reasonably complex layouts, without trying to support every conceivable layout (see layout examples below) Support for legacy HTML Simple: Easy for developers to understand and incorporate into a full-blown app