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Feed42 is an RSS feedcollector and a web-based frontend to present searches from the collected news items in several formats, e.g. RSS, Web-page or a clean web-page easy to include in other content.




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Protobuf-for-node - Protocol Buffers for Node.JS

Protobuf for Node adds idiomatic protocol buffer handling to node.JS. It is actually two things in one: firstly, you can marshal protocol messages to and from Node byte buffers and send them over the wire in pure JS. Secondly, you can use protocol messages as a native interface from JS to C++ add-ons in the same process. It takes away the details of the V8 and the eio threadpool APIs and makes native extensions to Node much easier to implement. How to useTo read/write protocol buffers, protobuf

3d-antenna-visualization - Virtual 3D Antenna Array Visualization Toolkit Project

Project OverviewThe SETI Insitute has developed and currently operates the world's best system for searching for extraterrestrial signals. Data collected at the Allen Telescope Array (ATA) is analyzed using open source software SonATA. SonATA looks for strong, narrow signals over a limited frequency range. Further enhancements by the community in SonATA will help SETI look for many different kinds of signals, and over a much wider range of frequencies. This is a two part project - first, to deve

E-cards-plugin - A Flash plugin for creating e-cards using ZetaPrints.com as the image generator.

Image generatorZetaPrints provides excellent image generation service based on vector-graphic templates. Designers can create collections of designs, including virtual cards. These cards can be viewed and customized using this plugin. How it worksThe plugin downloads an RSS feed with a list of card designs, shows previews and sends requests to ZetaPrints image generation API to insert user text in the templates. The finished card design is emailed to the intended recipient. EmbeddingUse the code

Nabmatrixapicatlist - NZBMatrix API Category List

28)Anime:All 20)Apps:Linux )Apps:Mac 21)Apps:Other )Apps:PC 52)Apps:Portable 53)Documentaries:HD 9)Documentaries:STD )Games:Dreamcast 45)Games:DS 46)Games:GameCube )Games:Other )Games:PC )Games:PS1 )Games:PS2 43)Games:PS3 )Games:PSP 44)Games:Wii 51)Games:Wii-VC )Games:Xbox )Games:Xbox360 54)Movies:BRRip 2)Movies:Divx-Xvid Movies:DVD 50)Movies:HD-Blu-Ray 42)Movies:HD-x264 4)Movies:Other 3)Movies:SVCD-VCD 48)Movies:WMV-HD 24)Music:DVD 23)Music:Lossless 22)Music:MP3-Albums 47)Music:MP3-Singles 27)M

Linuxrules - Simple AWK monitoring program and libraries for accessing Linux system information in n

SummaryLinux rules is a project started from oddfx set of rules for reading Linux system information. It is very simple, stand-alone and is intended to read as much Linux system information as possible in a single pass. AWK is the chosen language for obvious reasons: Speed (Much simpler and often faster than C/C++ code) Easier maintainability Portability (AWK is omnipresent in every Linux based distribution) We need very few resources to get data and it comes parsing ready. linuxrules could be e

Fastwebfeed - Drupal 6 Fastwebfeed module

More info about the fastwebfeed.module can you find here: cupid-project.be. Fastwebfeed module !! PubSubHubbub !! Simple Update Protocol (SUP) !! RSSCloud !! Drupal !! wtf !? Why? At the moment there is no fast distribution of the Drupal feeds. All the feeds published by Drupal pings the crawlers via ping-o-matic (ping.module) or with another publishing module like multiping.module, etc. One of the limitation is that it could take a while when the subscriber pulls your feed. Another limitations

Linux-ftools - Linux command line tools for fallocate, fincore, fadvise, etc

These are tools designed for working with modern linux system calls including, mincore, fallocate, fadvise, etc. We designed these primarily to work in high performance environments to determine information about the running kernel, improve system performance, and debug performance problems. fincorefincore [options] files... --pages=false Do not print pages --summarize When comparing multiple files, print a summary report --only-cached Only print stats for files that are actually in cache.root@x

Encooca - i want to test this to see if it will work

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd"> <html> <head> <link rel="icon" type="image/vnd.microsoft.icon" href="http://www.gstatic.com/codesite/ph/images/phosting.ico"> <script type="text/javascript"> var codesite_token = "689bf17f617de75938bbc9bb77c5d085"; var logged_in_user_email = "encooca@gmail.com"; var relative_base_url = ""; </script> <title>WikiSyntax - support - The reference to the wiki syntax for Google Code projects - Projec

artha42-callbacks - post receive hooks which feed to laconica

post receive hooks which feed to laconica