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Feed Me Links is a web appplication for managing and sharing links. It provides many interesting features such as tagging, comments, rss feeds, tag-clouds, friend lists, a REST API for exporting, browser sidebar, and Firefox amp; IE favorites import.




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RSS/Atom Reader J2ME

RSS Reader is a mobile J2ME (Java ME) app. that runs on Java enabled phones. User can store multiple RSS/ATOM feeds as bookmarks. Can import from OPLM file or HTML file with links. Can read offline. MIDP 2.0/some MIDP 1.0. Specify which MIDP w/issue

Urlmarkr - Personal bookmark manager written in Ruby on Rails

urlmarkr is a personal bookmark manager written in Ruby on Rails. It has support for tagging of bookmarks, RSS feeds of links for each tag, inline editing of bookmarks and AJAX tag autocompletion. The project began as a way for me to pick up Ruby on Rails and also to allow me to host my own bookmarks, without being dependant on a third party such as del.icio.us or simpy.com.

Smartgooglereadersubscriber - Greasemonkey script that enhance rss subscriptions control for Google

Smart Google Reader SubscriberSi tu parles aussi bien anglais que moi, tu préfereras peut-être la version française de cette présentation What's this?this is a GreaseMonkey script based upon Mihai Parparita's and Jasper de Vries's. It displays a small logo on pages which link to an rss feed that tell you if you already subscribed to the feed(s) of the page in Google Reader and allow you to subscribe to it (them) : > none feed subscribed > some feeds subscribed > all feeds subscribed Why this

Mobile-rss-reader - Mobile RSS Reader

The free RSS feed reader is a cell phone (mobile) J2ME/PhoneME MIDP application that is able to read most RSS servers/feed versions. RSS is a lightweight XML format designed for sharing headlines and other content like blogs and news. Data is stored on the device and updated on request. Read Wiki documentation for more details on which program to use.Add RSS feed bookmarks. The program can be compiled/built/run entirely with either proprietary or FOSS (Free and Open Source Software). This projec

Superpodder - Barbone Lightweight Java Podcast (GUI) Client

SuperPodder is a barebones podcast downloader written as an alternative to other more complex podcast / feed applications. SuperPodder is meant to be simple and basic. Easy to use, manage and monitor. Feeds are managed in a simple xml based file which can be edited with your favorite editor. Superpodder uses multiple rss libraries to try and download your latest podcasts ordered by most recent time/date (aka catchup). You can decide how to categorize podcasts, creating a specific ordering that i

Blowbloodblog - BlowBloodBlog is a blog server running on google app engine

BlowBloodBlogBlowBloodBlog is a blog backend sever running on google app engine Done listone:2009-3-12 Todo listtilize cdpedialog as prototype, absorb something good idea from iHere, e.g. comments, counter...etc. eep It Simple Stupid, avoid too many customization, ptional for private and invisible blog, upport RSS feeds and friends links customization at frontend. Any suggestion, please contact me _gzguoer@gmail.com_

Lifespot - Javascript for creating your own LifeStream based on your FriendFeed ..feed.

This is the LifeSpot script code, it's a free Javascript and CSS template that allows you to keep a great lifestream of your activities on the net. The WIKI contains the script, style sheet and examples, so hop there for the code! What it does: - Read your freed, and translate all items into “posts�. So video’s are shown as video’s, micro-blogs as quotes, etc. - Translates video files from: Youtube, vimeo, Qik, SWF (flickr), and 12Seconds - Fetches Tumblr content (Not in IE!). Meaning no

Noetictools - A library of .Net C# utilities for developers

NoeticToolsIntroductionA library of .Net C# utilities I find useful. This project is intended to give me a central place to access this code. AssembliesDockingDocking library based on DockPanel Suite. RSSReaderClasses to help access RSS feeds. NUnit.ExtensionsClasses to simplify writing NUnit/NMock2 test fixtures. HTMLClasses to help read and display HTML. GoogleMapClasses to help using GoogleMaps. DotNetWrapperDotNet wrapper classes to provide interfaces to allow unit testing. LinksMy blog

Rrssdl - Ruby RSS Downloader

What is rrssdlThis is just a simple yet powerful ruby system that allows for downloading the link tag in an RSS feed item. The main trunk source is actually the TV Show variant (which is what i have built first), however, it would be easy to branch the code to handle other types of RSS feeds. Why rrssdlrrssdl was created with the intention of using it in combination with the rTorrent client (however this would work equally as well with transmission or any other client that can watch a directory)

Rssdler - RSS Broadcatcher for podcasts, videocasts, and torrent feeds

RSSDlerA utility to automatically download enclosures and other objects linked to from various types of RSS feeds. Works well on podcasts, videocasts, and torrents. Features include:filtering using regular expressions and/or file size global, feed, and filter based download locations can run in the background (at least on GNU/Linux) like a daemon various logging and verbosity levels support for sites protected with cookies (LWP/MSIE/Mozilla/Safari/Firefox3) global and feed scan times respects 't