Fedora Cygwin

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This project provides a Cygwin cross-compiler toolchain for Fedora 14 and up, including a large selection of cross-compiled libraries. Also available are the mingw32 packages with static libraries required for building Cygwin's setup.exe installer.




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Important AnnouncementWe are re-writing tweetx. TODO Listapply factories. oAuth support. IntroductionA command line twitter client that works as a mail client using the ncurses library to automatically update your twitter feed. DiscussionOn the mailing list DetailsTweetx is entering its beta stage now and we encourage you try it out. Tweetx is a fully featured ncurses (terminal based) twitter client that acts similar to IRSSI. It incorporates a plugin system to enable you to write plugins easily

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bsd-xdr is an port of Sun's XDR (RFC 4506) library, mostly for Windows, although it also works on 32- and 64-bit linux. bsd-xdr was derived from the XDR implementation in the libtirpc package (version 0.1.10-7) from Fedora 11. That version was relicensed with explicit permission from the copyright holder (Sun Microsystems) to a BSD license. Goals of this portMaintain the BSD license rather than copylefting it, as in portableXDR and various other versions. (Actually, some other non-copyleft licen

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Nsp is a Scientific Software Package. It is based on a complete new rewrite of ScilabGtk The interpreter is written in C and objects with an internal class system. Gtk toolkit can be used from Nsp through a set of generared wrappers. The language bindings and class for Nsp are generated, the generator being based on the pygtk generator for python. It is modular (modular interpreter design, possible dynamic link of internal and external libraries). It should compile on Linux, MacOSX-X11-Fink, Win