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FEdit is a program writen in php using mySQL (minimally). FEdit stands for File Edit, which is exactly what it does, it edits files on a server though a nice web interface.




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Jushell - JU BCSE Shell (jush) - My Own Shell

jush - The JU ShellThis is shell environment (like bash) developed in c. It currently supports a few commands like 'dirnew' (for creating new directory), 'info' (for getting information about files and folders),, 'fcontent' (to view contents of a file), 'fedit' ( editing files with vi editor) etc. It can also run commands in the background. RequirementsYou will require gcc to compile the project. You can run this on Linux platform. Or you can use Cygwin to compile and run on Windows.

Formlayout - Create PyQt4 form dialogs *easily*

Overviewformlayout is a tiny Python module for creating form dialogs/widgets to edit various type of parameters with having to write any GUI code (it requires Python 2.x and PyQt4 4.y, with x >= 5 and y > 3). The main advantage of formlayout over similar libraries is that it's very simple to use/install and that it's so light (it just needs PyQt4 to run). However, if you are looking for more advanced automatic GUI generation, try the guidata library: this is an incredible combination of simplici

Url-ab-test - A simple way to A/B test different pages, landing pages, offers and advertising throug

Provides a simple way to automate randomization of different URL parameters and/or snippets to be sent to a website or to a specific landing page. It works! The first version is alive and kicking! PlatformAppEngine Python InstallationIt's quite simple: checkout the code modidy the app.yaml to match you application Id in AppEngine deploy access you application URL How it worksThis version will randomly choose between two URLs passed as query parameters (ua and ub) and redirect to that adding the


Simple Online-HTML-Editor


A fiddler plugin, add a context menuitem "Edit" for directly edit this response text.


Fiew Image Viewer is a lightweight, single executable, non-installed image editor, similar to Photoshop in interface and several of its features. Created using C++, WinAPI and Visual Studio.