Flexible Embodied Agent aRchitecture

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FEAR is a development kit helping software engineers create advanced artificial intelligence in synthetic characters with simplicity and efficiency. The project includes reusable AI components, portable framework and interfaces to realtime 3D games.




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Kickass Undelete is a free, fully featured, file recovery tool for Windows. Accidentally deleted a file? Never fear; the data is probably still on your drive and may be recoverable. Kickass Undelete finds all of the deleted files on your hard drive, flash drive or SD card and allows you to recover them.

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bi-directional git to bzr bridge: never fear bzr again


Please visit the main website at Freenet Project Website. What is Freenet? Freenet is free software which lets you publish and obtain information on the Internet without fear of censorship. To achieve this freedom, the network is entirely decentralized and publishers and consumers of information are anonymous. Without anonymity there can never be true freedom of speech, and without decentralization the network would be vulnerable to attack.

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UserHTML is a Python module which sanitizes user-supplied HTML fragments (like blog comments or forum posts) so that they can be safely embedded in a Web page without fear of XSS and similar issues. It also handles issues like turning linebreaks into and , and turning instances of one element into instances of another. Example usage: >>> from userhtml import sanitize_html>>> sanitize_html(u'<em onclick="alert(\\'Evil XSS stuff.\\');">Click here!</em>')u'<p><em>Click here!</em></p>'

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