FDC - Flocirc;r De Cunho

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The FDC application allows coin collectors to keep and manage a collection of coins. The Collector may categorize the coins with its value, year, mintmark, country, epoch, unit and it's condition. Each coin may have also a description and an image.




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Open Framework for Distributed Computing

open-fdc is short for quot;Open Framework for Distributed Computingquot;. This framework allows developers to create quot;tasksquot; which are executed by the engine. A task is similar to a work unit type in the SETI project.

Fdc-appfuse - custome appfuse for myself.

appfuse custome it for myself.use struts2-jQuery,ztree,struts2

Fdc-theme - Sample code for an FDC theme

Code samples in testing Google themes for FDC.

Symantec-log-parsing - symantec log parsing

perl script to parse through symantec logs, to pull out infections. Output looks like this: MySystem,JoeDirt, W32.SillyFDC, C:\\funny_pic.scr,4, MyParentServer,(IP)-,MyDomain,00:1B:4A:F2:70:8A This is the system name, username, virus name, location of infected file, action taken by sav, the parent server of the client(system), the ip address, the domain of the system, and the mac address of the system. As it stands, this can create a file with hundreds of duplicate system entries,

Nanoos - A C++ asm(x86) Hobby OS developed using g++

Nano OSAn object oriented OS written in C++ and assembly. How toI recommend trying out the floppy disk image(very recent) first. Please download the disk image. use qemu or bochs to boot the image. After you satisfied your self please join the project and checkout the source. Play around and understand what is happening where. then discuss here and try to implement small chunks and small functionality. I will suggest try out modifying the shell code to add few more commands. Next modify IStream

Jeypots - Browser under attack

Projeto I: http://honeynet.org/challenges/2010_2_browsers_under_attack Fluxo: http://www.allthreats.com/upload/1f/10/c8/a4/99/6f/af/a8/0d/47/20/28/81/a1/77/96/94/1f/d3/37//1f10c8a4996fafa80d47202881a17796941fd337.html Filetype: http://home.fnal.gov/~jklemenc/filetype.html Arquivos puxados + sh1sum C:\\FBI\\NetworkMiner-0.87\\assembledFiles\\\\HTTP - TCP 80\\fg>sha1sum oad.php.59EDCBF0.octet-stream 1f613d5260621e4d6737557c68fdc6d322595ef0 load.php.59EDCBF0.octet-stream C:\\FBI\\Netwo

Lafdc-fichier-adherent - Système de gestion de la base de donnée du fichier adhérent pour la FDC

Ce projet a pour but de créer un système de gestion des adhérents d'une association. De nombreux éléments sont spécifique a la fdc alors que d'autres sont applicable a la plus part des association de loi de 1901. Le projet et un patch-work de HTML/CSS/JS + MSSQL + C#/Asp.net (même si l'on essaye de limiter les pages aspx a tu traitement de requête générant du JSON ou des fichiers textes). Le wiki contient certains élément de documentation (meme si il reste a etre developer en quantit

Xoopskorean - XOOPS Korean

Let's make XOOPS Korean Version! Full translation and support!! - XOOPS Korean Support site! http://www.xoops.ne.kr/html/index.php - Old URL of this project is... http://dev.xoops.org/modules/xfmod/project/showfiles.php?group_id=1189 - XOOPS Korean Twitter http://twitter.com/xoopskorean - XOOPS Korean Facebook http://www.facebook.com/xoopskorean - XOOPS Korean Google+ https://plus.google.com/116031764191406727323 - XOOPS Korean Youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/wanikoo#grid/user/1C0F25FDC9FAF9

Dsinca-fdc - Desenvolvimento de Sistemas de Instrumentacao, Navegacao e Controle de Aeronaves - Flig

UFMG/DELT/DEMEC Projeto DSINCA - FAPEMIG Desenvolvimento de Sistemas de Instrumentacao, Navegacao e Controle de Aeronaves Coordenadores: Leonardo Torres, Paulo Iscold e Guilherme Pereira. PROGRAMAS FDC_PROJECT Autores: Prof. Leonardo Torres, Prof. Guilherme Pereira. Finalidade: Gerenciador da tarefa de tempo real e dos arquivos de dados relativos a cada ensaio em vôo realizado. Interface homem-máquina para configuração da tarefa de tempo real sem necessidade de recompilação de código. Obs

Diskimagemanager - Disk Image Manager

Disk Image ManagerDisk Image Manager (previously SPIN Disk Manager) is a Windows application for examining and manipulating disk images in the Extended DSK format used by many Spectrum and Amstrad emulators. The application was intended to complement the SPIN Spectrum emulator but is a complete standalone application. Many of this tools features and functions were driven by the Spectrum Disk Preservation team which use this format and tool to help manage the selection and testing of disk images