FreeDOS Documentation Project

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The FreeDOS Documentation Project (FD-DOC) aims to produce high-quality documentation for all aspects of FreeDOS: HOWTO documents are a helpful set of documents that tell you all you need to know about how to use FreeDOS. Our license is the GNU FDL.



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Docusearch - Document Repository and Search library based on CouchDB/BerkleyDB and Lucene

Getting StartedTo get started download the source using: svn checkout docusearch-read-only You will need to install Java 1.6, Maven 2.0+ and CouchDB before start using the services. On Mac, you can install CouchDB via: sudo port install couchdbThen manually start the CouchDB using sudo /opt/local/bin/couchdbYou can verify if CouchDB is running using http://localhost:5984/_utils/index.html. BuildingType "mvn" to build the project. Maven will download a

H1ccup - axiomatic music theory

h1ccupaxiomatic reasoning about music theorythis project is for realtime algorithmic composition and harmonic analysis. its goal is to facilitate visualization, understanding, and manipulation of harmonic structure. it intends to provide an environment for the formal expression of laws of functional progression and voice leading at the most abstract and least redundant level possible. common practice serves as a baseline, but the goal is to both generalize to eg jazz theory as well as allow expl

Cs5643-2010-a3 - Rigid Bodies

blah blah blah TODO List at:

Chrismckee-project-bay - Where I leave Shit to Rot - Old Projects by Chris McKee

New GNU/MIT Licenced Scripts - Chris McKeeJQUERY PLUGINSjQuery.fuFade (jQuery Optimized Slideshow)Currently on my GitHub jQuery.fuGMAPS (jQuery Google Maps Plugin) r0.0.3.2Handles Address GeoCoding + Info window (text or iframe) Long Lat + Info window (text or iframe) Map-Type Selection Need to add MarkerXML and KML(XML); might integrate GreyBox functionality as alternative to infowindow. Added auto-popup change to the XML parser so in the event that the popup type is iFrame but the XML HTML con

Clicktopost - The click and easy way to mail your post.

Note: This is a public forum. Please do not enter any personal details here. If your having a problem with the Click to Post service itself, we can contact you directly once you’ve filled our Service fault form. Service fault form - Click to Post is a service that allows you to print and mail your post straight from Google Docs. So now you can mail your documents withou

Xq-motorola - xQ adds a gui to existing rapiconfig and delete-n-set.xml solution for flashing WAP an

xQ adds a gui to existing rapiconfig and delete-n-set.xml solution for flashing WAP and MMS to Motorola Q(created by samsungd415 of howardforums and thankfully now included with permission!) xQ requires the .net 3.5 framework: currently set up for cricket, should work for metro-etc as the only line xQ changes in delete-n-set.xml is the MDN. if anyone would like to submit working .xml file


It is a sample application that explores the behavior of monitoring file descriptors, here stdin, using ecore fd handlres. This example is based on the example in


| | ||----------------|----------------------------------------|| Homepage: | || Author: | Guten || License: | GPL || Issue Tracker: | |A List of Packages-------------------- [xware]( Raspbian only. Xunlei in Linux (迅雷固件)- [syncthing](ht