FC# - Internal Functional DSL to C# 3.0

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Based on the improvements of the C# programming language towards functional programming and motivated by the FC++ functional library for C++ we introduce the FC# functional library for C#. FC# itself is an internal DSL to C# therefore solutions created using FC# can be embedde...




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FCS Transmogrifier [318]

Transmogrifier is a tool developed at the 318 labs to extend the functionality of Final Cut Server.

Pyfiscalprinter - Drivers para impresoras fiscales Epson y Hasar de Argentina

Driver para impresoras fiscales Epson y Hasar. Incluye el protocolo de comunicación e interfases para los comandos para generar FCs, NCs y tickets no fiscales Para consultas, utilizar: http://groups.google.com/group/pyfiscalprinter

Gae-maven-goodies - GAE goodies for wokring with maven

Artifact to fast lift off a GAE project with maven - including an updated and powerful technological stack. Google App Engine Objectify JSF 2 (Mojarra 2.0.2-FCS) Primefaces Jboss RESTeasy M2Eclipse ready GAE-Maven-Plugin ready JRebel ready Includes basic code examples for Objectify, Primefaces and RESTeasy UsageInteractive modemvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeCatalog=http://gae-maven-goodies.googlecode.com/svn/maven/repository/

Thrustmaster Mac OS X Driver

Mac OS X driver for the Thrustmaster Mark I (FCS/WCS/RCS) ADB joystick.

Forefront Client Security Tools

Tools and scripts to help customers with FCS, including scripts to provide customers the ability to uninstall competitive products

Preactor Object Model

pom is a Preactor library which provides easy access and manipulation of Preactor data.

Hash-identifier - Hash Identifier

Software to identify the different types of hashes used to encrypt data and especially passwords. Encryption formats supported: ADLER-32 CRC-32 CRC-32B CRC-16 CRC-16-CCITT DES(Unix) FCS-16 GHash-32-3 GHash-32-5 GOST R 34.11-94 Haval-160 Haval-192 110080 ,Haval-224 114080 ,Haval-256 Lineage II C4 Domain Cached Credentials XOR-32 MD5(Half) MD5(Middle) MySQL MD5(phpBB3) MD5(Unix) MD5(Wordpress) MD5(APR) Haval-128 MD2 MD4 MD5 MD5(HMAC(Wordpress)) NTLM RAdmin v2.x RipeMD-128 SNEFRU-128 Tiger-128 MySQ

Fetih - A game

A game that is about Ottoman emperor

Fcstools - FCS2.0 (1.0 and 3.0) tools

The FCS2.0 (and the 1.0/3.0 and XML serializations) suffer from a small, closed and proprietary community. Most tools are years (if not decades) out of date, and many have not been updated within recent memory. This project provides a small ANSI/ISO C++ (2003) compliant FCS2.0 library. The library reads liberally, that is, it can read many of the FCS2.0 variants in the wild; it writes as strictly as possible. If you have a bug, please include the example file that the FCS- reader or writer dies