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fckgLite is a WYSIWYG editor for DokuWiki. It uses the FCKeditor and converts the editor’s HTML to DokuWiki markup using Javascript. It supports the complete DokuWiki syntax except for email-style quoting and embedded php and html.




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Dokuwiki-smartcard-authentication - Smartcard auth developed for Estonian ID card but can be used wi

VERSION HISTORY2011 07 20 - Added canDo['logout']=>true for Dokuwiki v2011-05-25, so logging out would work 2011 02 15 - SSL_CLIENT_S_DN instead of SSL_CLIENT_CERT is used (due headers can't be multiline and behind proxy SSL_CLIENT_CERT is not available in correct format) and added few language files for en, et, uk and ru. 2010 05 22 - Added info message if Smartcard cert was not found 2010 05 22 - Added session_start() to inc/auth/smartcard/index.php to solve auth fail when session.auto_start=0

ckgedit - CKEditor integrated into fckgLite

CKEditor integrated into fckgLite

fckgLite - WYSIWYG editor for Dokuwiki

WYSIWYG editor for Dokuwiki