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Easy setup of Perl native FastCGI server/process manager, based on FCGI::ProcManager.




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Ssjsfw - Server Side Javascript Framework

this project is obsolete sorry ^^ There are many client side javascript framework, but not many server side javascript framework. This is an attempt to build complete javascript framework/portal server for production use. under development/design phase, NO RELEASES yet. Feature (Planning): SEF URL MVC pattern Page Caching Required Software: ubuntu nginx v8cgi spawn-fcgi --> supervisord postgresql plv8js memcached --> redis-server Optional Software: iptables shaper postfix dovecot squid3 collectd

Nossa - Net::OpenID::Server::Standalone - personal standalone OpenID server ready-to-use out-of-the-

OpenID for every perl user made easy Nossa makes almost any of your possessed hosting to be the location for your own OpenID Server in easy install-and-go way. Nossa is dedicated for fast installation of your own OpenID 'Server' on a CGI/FCGI::Spawn - enabled hosting. There is a lot of tweaks for common needs known as: your own identity source to be pluggable with Config.pm, your own design for user setup pages, location of your CGI::Session storage, your SRE information, redirect to your HTTPS

Spawn-fcgi-ninja - Ease the management of FastCGI applications

spawn-fcgi-ninja is a collection of scripts, responsible for giving full administrative control and management over FastCGI applications for multiple users in a fully configurable manner, the basic idea was based on the spawn-fcgi script from the Gentoo project, however it was rebuilt up from the ground to fit other systems, the development is being worked out on a RHEL based system and its currently dependent on many of its basic scripting functions however porting to any other distribution sho

Pycopia - Collection of Python modules for developers of network tools and QA frameworks.

IntroductionA framework of frameworks for rapid application development in Python. It includes packages for XML and XHTML parsing and generating, SNMP manager, SMI query API, Cisco-style CLI framework, QA automation, program control, and more. Some assembly required. sub-projectsPycopia is divided up into a collection of sub-projects, each concentrating on a specific problem domain or category. The following lists the current set of sub-projects. pycopia-aidGeneral purpose objects that enhance P

Bbupload - BBupload: 高效�简�的上传�务 (fastcgi)

BBupload是一款高效的文件上传�务Date: 2010.07author: Chancey 特点:�循FastCGI规范进行开�,优点在于能够自由选择Web Server作为上层�务,无论是�爱Nginx�Lighttpd还是Apache,��Web Server支�FastCGI就能与BBupload完美的进行结�, 仅仅需�对Web Server进行简��置,�会影�到原本�供的�务。 使用平�:Linux 编译安装:Debian系统APT方�安装�赖包:apt-get install libfcgi-dev libconfuse-dev spaw

spawn-fcgi - git mirror of spawn-fcgi

git mirror of spawn-fcgi

FCGI-Spawn - Release history of FCGI-Spawn

Release history of FCGI-Spawn

spawn-fcgi-pro - spawn-fcgi enhance edition

spawn-fcgi enhance edition

fastcgi - FastCGI++, nginx, spawn-fcgi examples.

FastCGI++, nginx, spawn-fcgi examples.

spawn-fcgi - spawn-fcgi on github for easier collaboration - main repo still on lighttpd.net

spawn-fcgi on github for easier collaboration - main repo still on lighttpd.net