FCE Ultra mappers modified

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NES/Faimcom emulator FCE Ultra mappers mod project.




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Fceupsp - FCEUltra port for PSP

About this project: FCEU-PSP is an attempt to port FCEUltra, a great Nintendo Entertainment System emulator, for PSP. This is the first project of a "newbie" in the PSP programming world, so there will be always something to be improved ;) FCEU-PSP is opensource and you can help me to make it better. If you wish so, please, get in touch by sending me an email. You can always check for updates from: http://code.google.com/p/fceupsp/ or http://www.brunofreitas.com/ Changelog:v0.3 Changed codebase

fceu-next - Port of FCEUmm / FCEUX to Libretro.

Port of FCEUmm / FCEUX to Libretro.

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