Feather cache

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featherCache is an lightweigth java cache, implementing Map interface and storing objects on the disk. Multiple sections and expriation times are supported. No third party components, simple integration.




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FcaStone (named in analogy to quot;Rosetta Stonequot;) is a tool that translates between different Formal Concept Analysis file formats, as used by ToscanaJ, Galicia, and Conexp, and commonly used graph editors. (See the project website for details.)

Openfca - The OpenFCA Project comprises a set of tools for performing FCA (Formal Concept Analysis)

AboutThis project contains three modules: Conflexplore, a Flex application used for context editing, concept computation and visualization, implication computation and attribute exploration; a heavily modified version of SpringGraph, which is a Flex component for displaying a set of items that are linked to each other; Conexplore, a C#/.NET set of tools for computing concepts and links between them on large datasets. Conflexplore and the modified version of SpringGraph are Flash Builder 4 projec

Erca - Eclipse's Relational Concept Analysis

What is it?Erca is a framework that eases the use of Formal and Relational Concept Analysis, a neat clustering technique. Ok, But, What is Formal Concept Analysis?I guess you'll have to read the FcaIntroduction page. What can it do?Erca offers the following features: Easy import of formal contexts from CSV files (editable with OpenOffice.org Excel, ...) Clean and readable syntax to describe formal contexts Clean and readable syntax to describe relational context families Algorithm that computes


Griff is a collection of projects including: (i) Sarl3 - Sets and Relations Library for doing Formal Concept Analysis (FCA); (ii) RJL a progamming language combining both static and dynamic typing, and (iv) PIG a simplistic triple store.


Tockit tries to build a framework for Conceptual Knowledge Processing (CKP) and Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) in Java, using a component-based approach, XML formats and a three-tier architecture.

Restez - A command-line HTTP client.

restez is a command-line HTTP client written in Python. restez also provides a high-level simple to use HTTP client API. See HTTPConnection. ExamplesFetch a JSON representation of a resource: $ restez GET http://localhost/app/resource/3 --accept application/jsonResponse Headers status: 200 content-length: 61 content-location: http://localhost/app/resource/3 server: Apache/2.0.63 (Unix) DAV/2 mod_wsgi/2.3 Python/2.5.2 pragma: no-cache cache-control: no-cache date: Thu, 08 Jan 2009 12:14:55 GMT co