Linux-PDA fbVNCServer

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.ipk package of fbVNCServer for different Linux PDAs. Currently the following devices are supported: - iPAQ36xx,iPAQ37xx,iPAQ38xx,iPAQ39xx,iPAQ54xx, iPAQ55xx



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Framebuffer VNC server specifically for the emerging Android platform. Forked from an old version of fbvncserver originally released for the Zaurus and iPAQ devices. This project is largely a hack to facilitate testing of the Android user experience on real handsets with full screen VNC clients running. The current test framework is ideally suited for Windows Mobile based handsets running .NET VNC Viewer. The subversion repository contains instructions for advanced users to build the package fro

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Fastdroid VNC server for AndroidThe first Android VNC server that really works!Started with original fbvncserver for the iPAQ and Zaurus, incorported changes by Jim Huang <>, and Steve Guo (letsgoustc). New features by Danke Xie ( Added input device search to support different devices Added kernel vnckbd driver to allow full-keyboard input on 12-key hw Supports Android framebuffer double buffering Performance enhancement and fixes of GCC warnings in libvncse