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Fbook-draw - Simple facebook drawing application

More of a learning experience than a fully fledged app. The aims of the project are to develop a simple java app using Processing (http://www.processing.org) and tie that into a facebook application using php and mysql. As of the first submission to the repository, the app is up and running with very basic line drawing implemented. Images can be saved and loaded to the mysql database and a function to create a jpeg image and save it to the server has been implemented.

As3-facebook-opengraph - as3 API for communication with facebook open graph API

API to create an easily way to get and send data to facebook cross open graph API. Here there is a small sample to get some users info from facebook. package {\timport com.facebook.Facebook;\timport com.olandim.facebookGraph.actions.FacebookAction;\timport com.olandim.facebookGraph.actions.getter.GetUser;\timport com.olandim.facebookGraph.events.FacebookEvents;\timport com.olandim.facebookGraph.facebook.authentication.AuthenticationTypes;\timport com.olandim.facebookGraph.facebook.Permissions;\t

G2fbook - Import google contacts into AVM Fritz!Box and others

Welcome!This is "Something to download google contacts and to reuse them in other formats." Current output fromats are: AVM Fritz!Box phonebook wammu mobile phonebook backup http://wammu.eu/ Have a look here to see what you can get from SVN: Improvements for the next release If you are outside Germany, please read this I created this little helper to solve a simple issue for myselfs. If you find this useful, please use it. If you would like to help to make it better or extend it, please raise an

FBookNAVI - Simple Facebook NAVigation

Simple Facebook NAVigation

fbookLoginRedirector - Facebook Login Redirector for Salesforce Site

Facebook Login Redirector for Salesforce Site

fbook - rhodes+facebook application

rhodes+facebook application