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Do you think the Allegro blenders are too slow? Do you want to do special effects in 15/16/32-bpp but can't? Then FBlend is for you! FBlend is a series of super-fast color blenders for Allegro. FBlend is anywhere from 4 to 13 times faster than Allegro,




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This project attempts to be a dune 2 like 'clone' of Dune 2 - The Battle for Arrakis by Westwood Studios. Main goal is to play the original campaign of Dune 2, but also introduce new features like : skirmish and multiplayer mode; C&C like controls, etc. RoadmapFor a roadmap see RoadMap. Used technologyUsing the Allegro library (and some 3rd party libraries) this game is able to use features not standard delivered by the Allegro library itself. Features like: - fast blending (fblend) - mp3 playba