FreeBASIC Compiler

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Open-source, free, multi-platform BASIC compiler, with syntax similar MS-QuickBASIC (including the GFX statements), that adds new features such as pointers, unsigned data types, inline assembly, a pre-processor and many others.



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Producerconsumer - Simple Multithreaded Producer Consumer Simulated Animation

Producer Consumers in action To explain simple concepts This tool might be useful ... MD5 Checksum for file is: 02f65ab667aa99fbc5fd214ede3900af Check it out using: hosted at: Pre-Requisites / Dependencies: Java Virtual Machine (Java Runtime Environment (JRE 1.6+)) on each Machine.

Awesomium-c - C-API for Awesomium 1.6

OverviewAwesomium is a thin wrapper around chromium/webkit which allows for offscreen rendering of web content to be easily integrated in other applications, e.g. games. The official Awesomium API is C++ only so this project aims at creating a full, easy to use (cough) C-API on top of the original C++ API. A couple of points 99% of the C++ API is wrapped except resource interceptors Each class in the original API is wrapped via awe_CLASSNAME_methodname C procedures/functions. If you follow this

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IntroductionWelcome to the Buxter API client project. The Buxter API client project provides open source Java and PHP clients for the Buxter transaction webservice in order to allow Facebook developers easy integration of Buxter into their own applications. What is Buxter?Buxter is a Facebook application which allows you to make social payments within the Facebook platform, e.g. to send/request money to/from your friends, to make donations or to pay for Facebook applications and virtual goods. B

Cryptofbc - a simple, easy use cryptography library & ecdlp solver

CryptoFBC is the simple form of Cryptography Library For Black Chamber. I write this cryptography library only for my interests. Coding Language: C++ (pure OOP) Currently,some cryptographic algorithms have been implemented,they are: Hash:CRC32,MD5,SHA(160,384,512) Symmetric Cipher: Blowfish,DES(3DES),IDEA,Tea,Twofish,Rijndael Misc: Base64 more will come. ECDLP(Elliptic Curve Discret Logrithm Problem) Solver v0.6 Changes: v0.1 implemented the pollard's pho original algorithm 4.3 v0.2 changed Bran

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SnitchaserSnitchaser is a bug reproduction tool aiming at performance and transparency under production environment,it's built on x86,but will support many more platforms later. Snitchaser focuses on bugs caused by asynchronous events on heavily loaded servers and is capable of reproducing non-deterministic bugs efficiently in production environments at nearly no performance penalty. Getting StartedThe source code of current release of snitchaser can be found at

Upcdew-listadiscoteca - proyecto ucp 2010 grupo Lista de cumpleaños en discoteca

Lista DiscotecaProyecto creado para el ciclo 2010-1 de UPC - EPEProyecto desarrollado en el curso de Desarrollo para entorno Web, en el cual se ha probado la integracion a los servicios que provee Facebook. Este sistema permita, a los usuaris registrados, crear su lista de invitados para festejar su cumpleaños en alguna de las discotecas asociadas al site. Presenta dos opciones para registrar amigos: agregar a cada invitado a mano o importarlos desde tu lista de amigos del facebook. Para instal

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GWT ENTA Reflection, HTML template, Data Binding, Validate, AOP framework for GWT. This project aims to make it easier to do what you want to do with GWT, now, the fllowing things have been contained in our project: ReflectionReflection for GWT, Support reflection of the following elements: annotation class field method constructor(constructor.newInstance()) meta data of class(Going to be deleted, please using annotation instead) UIBindingUI Binding, UIBinding framework from gwt-ent, Annotation

_fbc - Starter theme / component library for FBC sites

Starter theme / component library for FBC sites

beta1 - The beta product of FBC project and fork from gamma9.

The beta product of FBC project and fork from gamma9.