Simple FBA User Management Webpart in Sharepoint 2010

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Simple FBA User Management Webpart makes FBA user management very easy in Sharepoint 2010. Very simple installation and use.



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Visual Studio installer which creates membership database and generates supplemental config file based on the settings used on its generation. Modifies the web.config files of STS and Central Admin. Here is the related article:

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Forms Based Authentication management tools for SharePoint 2010. Manage users and roles. Register User, Change Password and Recover Password web parts.

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VRE User Administration (FBA) Kit for SharePoint 2010

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Setting up Forms Based Authentication in SharePoint 2010 requires updating the web.config file of three web applications. This utility allows you to update all 3 configs in a single click. The updater can also be invoked from PowerShell.

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Forms Based Authentication (FBA) Tool for SharePoint 2010. With use of this tool any can manage FBA users easily with in sharepoint 2010.

FBA Change Password Web part

This SharePoint 2010 Webpart helps you to reset FBA password of any user without having old password and email setup.

Forms based authentication for SharePoint2010

Forms based authentication Management features for SharePoint 2010. <a href="" alt="SharePoint 2010 FBA management feature">SharePoint 2010 FBA feature</a>