fax4j - java fax API

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The fax4j is a java fax library. This library enables java applications to invoke fax actions such as submitting fax jobs.




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Interfax4j - A Java library for sending faxes via InterFax

The official InterFax Java library doesn't run on Google AppEngine as it uses non-whitelisted classes. Also, generating SOAP wrappers from InterFax's WSDL using wsimport doesn't work due to non-standard RPC encoding. interfax4j is an unofficial InterFax Java library that supports Google AppEngine.

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Stuff in the pipeline On hold but not abandoned pHone language under development removing the shadow registers for lower area. This would make a 6 clock cycle. A 7 clock cycle maybe done, where the 3 in 1 is not directly assigned to din, so allowing fast registering of din, and hence better memory timing possible fixed memory area allocation of R and S stacks, for lower area on device X7 Major Release (Finalized First Release Architecture)No opcodes or architecture design decisions altered. X7 i

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