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Apple1 emulator, like the Replica1, for the terminal with full cut and paste. Forked from napple1 and pom1. Tested with figFORTH and APPLESOFT BASIC. Tested and compiled on LINUX 3.0.x, OSx 10.6.x, and Windows XP/Vista/7 and it works well. A folder of sample applications is included for you to be ab le to use your quot;faux1quot; right after the install. Pre compiled Windows installer and source is available for all platforms (LINUX, POSIX, OSX, and Windows). To compile you will need make, gcc, and the standard development libraries. There are no difficult dependencies to figure out.




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Mudita24 - improved envy24control: ALSA GTK+ GUI control tool for Envy24 (ice1712) soundcards

Mudita24 - Control Panel for Ice1712 Audio Cards Mudita24 is a modification of the Linux alsa-tools' envy24control(1): an application controlling the digital mixer, channel gains and other hardware settings for sound cards based on the VIA Ice1712 chipset aka Envy24. Unlike most ALSA mixer controls, this application displays a level meter for each input and output channel and maintains peak level indicators. This is based on Envy24's hardware peak metering feature. Mudita24 provides alternate na

Densidees - Calcule la densité des idées d'un texte

Le logiciel libre Densidées calcule la densité des idées d'un texte (au sens de Kintsch 1974 et Turner & Greene 1977, c'est à dire le nombre moyen d'idées exprimées en 10 mots), utile en particulier pour l'analyse des discours de patients atteint de la maladie d'Alzheimer. Un texte étiqueté par TreeTagger doit lui être fourni en entrée. La performance du logiciel a été évaluée dans l'article indiqué ci-dessous (Lee et al., RECITAL 2010) sur un corpus oral retranscrit de 13939 mots


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