The Fat Controller

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The Fat Controller is used to repeatedly run other programs, like CRON. Unlike CRON it is able to run many instances of a program or script in parallel making it ideal for executing scripts that process queues or perform tasks which must be repeated.



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MZ-800 Unicard

Expansion card for computer Sharp MZ-800. Connection to SD / MMC card with FAT16 filesystem. Emulated FD controller. MZF repository.

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Monash-psychophysics-test - Psychophysic Tools for the Monash Bionic Eye

Code RepositoryFor Tools to assist in Experimental Designs to be used in the field of Psychophysics particularly the Vision Sense The AimThis Project is to provide implementations for the purpose of providing Psychophysics Tools to collect data to be tied in with the Monash Bionic Eye Equipment-DE2 Board provided by Terasic, designed by Altera -SD card <= 2GB, Make sure formatted to FAT16, it can only reference from ID's 4000+ to 65535(2^16), so make sure your allocation size is within that boun

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Orthographical Permutation Wave RobotThis Wave robot creates random realistic typos in messages sent by certain participants in a wave. It's good for poking fun at people who are notoriously bad spellers. Why the odd name?It's simple, really. If you create a robot called "typobot", then everyone will know exactly what it does. But if you create an "orthopermubot", what does that do? Sounds perfectly harmless to me. (Also, typobot was already taken. :) ) How does it work?At present, a random numb

Linnix - USB host stack for microcontroller

USB host stack for ADB, MSD, CDC, CDD, FAT and BEE. ADB: Android Debug Bridge MSD: Mass Storage Device CDC: Commuincation Device Command CDD: Communication Device Data FAT: File Attribute Table BEE: ZigBee controller

Slim64 - Public Domain FAT64 FS for micro-devices

Microsoft controls one critical item that seems to go under the radar; and that is the FAT32 filesystem. Every single SD card, CF card, and every single digital camera, of which there are BILLIONS all use FAT32. So if ever there is going to be a true freedom of choice from Microsoft, then there has to be a basic FAT64 that is public, and in the public domain. Currently, FAT32 doesn't allow for large media files, i.e. files over 4 Gigs. This is very limiting. With a simple and public FAT64 that i

Frl - FatRat Library is a toolkit for speed up development OPC servers on C++

Purpose FatRat Library is a free and open source OPC DA (Data Access) Server Toolkit. FatRat Library makes it possible to speed up development OPC DA servers. OPC compliance FatRat Library supports: IOPCCommon IOPCServer IConnectionPointContainer IOPCItemProperties IOPCBrowseServerAddressSpace IOPCGroupStateMgt IOPCSyncIO IOPCAsyncIO2 IOPCItemMgt IEnumOPCItemAttributes IOPCBrowse IOPCItemDeadbandMgt IOPCItemSamplingMgt IOPCItemIO IOPCSyncIO2 IOPCAsyncIO3 IOPCGroupStateMgt2 System requirements Fa

Winison - A simple windows interface for Unison, a totally sweet backup tool with file versioning an

IntroductionWhy didn't I call this "unidows"? Winison is a Windows GUI front-end to Unison, the greatest synchronization program ever. Winison can manage profiles, generate the annoyingly-complicated windows batch files that simplify life, and also create windows "Send To" links enabling you to synchronize individual files or folders from within Windows. It's main purpose is to remove the need for you to learn Windows batch scripting (icky) or dig through your system to find your ".unison" and "

Wallig - STM32 framework

The original goal of this projet was to write a software of a robot based on a remote controlled Wall-e toy. (on a STM32 Cortex M3 µC ). Now the first step is to write basic drivers and library which are able to run on linux pc or arm board. UART Driver (linux , STM32 ) Timer (linux , STM32 ) IP Stack ( using uIP ) (linux , STM32 ) Trace Library ( send traces on udp, serial or in log file ) (linux , STM32 ) Fat ( using chan fat ) (linux , STM32 ) Spi Driver (STM32 ) SdCard library (STM32 ) ADC

Kabanos - Full-fledged operating system for Atmel AT91SAM microcontrollers

A runtime environment for Atmel AT91SAM microcontrollers which includes: Multi-threading and Synchronization support Drivers for all internal CPU peripherals Device abstraction USB Mass Storage Device support FAT12/16/32 support Networking (based on uIP) with Ethernet support Full-fledged graphical user interface library KS0108 LCD Controller driver Expandable Flash support Firmware upgrade And many many more :)

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