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Text::FastTemplate is yet another template module written in Perl. So why use this module instead of one of the other template modules? Well...it's ultra simple. It's fast. It's lean. It completely separates the presentation from the application logic.




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Stgfasttemplate - A template engine for the popular scripting language PHP. It's lightning fast

FastTemplate is a template engine for the popular scripting language PHP. It's lightning fast and robust, but in the same time to it's simple and easy to use. FastTemplate for PHP was originally developed back in 1999 by CDI from thewebmasters.net, after porting it from the original Perl version written by Jason Moore in 1998. Over the years, multiple distributions of FastTemplate surfaced, each with its ups and downs, trying to polish some corners or develop around some of the shortcomings. Fas


This is a simple script that will help you to create (and manage) FAQ page on your site. It is based on PHP, MySQL and FastTemplate so it's fast and easy in configuration.

Yet Another Templating System (YATS)

YATS is a PHP C extension that implements a custom templating language, similar to FastTemplate, for clean separation of code/logic from display/html. Coded with emphasis on simplicity and execution speed. Supports GNU Gettext for multi-lingual sites.

RFKmap (mapping queries to templates)

RFKmap for PHP is a free code which join templates' engine (like FastTemplate) and rdbms (like PHPlib's class - DB_Sql) to create an object system for a content management and viewer. A easy syntax to create one instance to access a complex queries and

Codefaster - Code Faster - Fast Template based PHP class/file generator.

Code Faster is a PHP Framework, based on Fast Template PHP template engine. Will create all necessary files to have a project ready and run ... or almost ready :-). FeaturesCreate class file Create administrator PHP and HTML template file (list,add,modify,delete,activate) Create user file jQuery UI for administrator jQuery Validator for generated forms jQuery Colorize for tables CK Editor for administrator Configuration pages for administrator Additional classes included (Mail, Calendar, FTP, Wo

FastTemplate - YUI3 HTML Template Engine

YUI3 HTML Template Engine

Fast-Templates - Simple program for copy&paste text templates

Simple program for copy&paste text templates