FastLambda - A much faster way to evaluate an expression tree

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How would you evaluate an expression tree? Compile & invoke? Yes, but here comes an efficient way to do that - 20x faster.



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This is LambdaFTP project, a high performance FTP variant. NOTE: IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR UDT, PLEASE GO TO HTTP://UDT.SF.NET.

Fluent Validation for .NET

A small validation library for .NET that uses a fluent interface and lambda expressions for building validation rules for your business objects.

Funq - A Dast Dependency Injection container in .NET

This project provides a high performance DI framework by eliminating all runtime reflection through the use of lambdas and generic functions as factories. Developed entirely in C# using TDD, it's a container you can crack open and actually understand to the core.

Psi-probe - Advanced manager and monitor for Apache Tomcat, forked from Lambda Probe

PSI Probe is a community-driven fork of Lambda Probe distributed under the same open-source license (GPLv2). It is intended to replace and extend Tomcat Manager, making it easier to manage and monitor an instance of Apache Tomcat. It could monitor traffic in real-time, even on a per-application basis, CPU usage, memory usage, swap file usage, Browse and Compile JSP and lot more.


A small validation library for .NET that uses a fluent interface and lambda expressions for building validation rules.

LambdaMOO Server

LambdaMOO is a network-accessible, multi-user, programmable, interactive system well-suited to the construction of text-based adventure games, conferencing systems, and other collaborative software.

Argon Online Dungeon System

A RPG system written to run inside LambdaMOO, based on Wizards of the Coast System Reference Document. Note: Argon is distributed with the LamdaMOO core and database. Please refer to them for their own licenses.

Erl-string-lambda - Impelmentation of String Lambda in Erlang

Implementation of String Lambda in Erlang based on Oliver Steele's Functional Javascript.

Lambda-judge - Lambda Judge is an alternative to PC^2

Lambda Judge is an automated judge system to run programming contests. It has a mechanism to submit problem solutions, have them judged fully automatically and provides a web interfaces for admin, jury and teams

Lambda Expression Parser

Light weight expression parser supports parsing runtime expression string compatible with C# 2.0 syntax to lambda expression.