Fastidious MVC

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Fastidious MVC is a learning and best-practices incubator project. It puts together ASP.NET MVC (with source) with a CSS grid system, javascript frameworks, IIS7 configuration and custom code to make make a highly practical starting point for creating web sites and apps.



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Important note: The Galleria project has now moved to GitHub:

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RFCMail is a collection of Perl modules which can be used to implement a number of mail-related things, such as SMTP honeypots for spam analysis. Its core business is that of an MTA, so most of the modules relate to SMTP in some way. It does not major in message text handling or message store (mailbox) management. The author has chosen to re-implement the core SMTP functionality, rather than re-use existing implementations, so as to allow much greater flexibility in how SMTP is handled. At this

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Bashlord allows you to manage a pool of shell scripts. Usually, Creating shell scripts means proceeding the following fastidious steps : Create and edit the script file Change rights on the file to make it executable Eventually create an alias, so you will be able to execute the script from anywhere through a command. With bashlord you will be able to create, edit, list, delete scripts very easily in one short command. Bashlord script creation generates an alias automatically directly accessible


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