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Addmap - AddMap allows you to easily download maps from the net and fpsbanana onto your server.

AddMap allows you to easily download maps from the net onto your server, and also your FTP if fast-download is enabled. It checks given web index's for the map you want to download, and if it finds it, it will retrieve the file, store it, unzip/unrar/unbzip/bzip and shove it in your maps folder. All within about 30 seconds after initial buffer. If AddMap does not find the map, theres always the option to check FPSbanana for it! And if found there, the same procedure is repeated.

Hypercosm - Tools for creating interactive 3D web applications

What is Hypercosm? Hypercosm software allows you to create and deploy interactive 3D web applications for all sorts of applications including training, courseware, manuals, websites and product visualizations. This unique software allows you to create effective, fast-downloading, high-fidelity interactive web based simulations using tools you're already using, such as Google SketchUp and Autodesk 3ds Max. Hypercosm ApplicationsHypercosm 3D simulations can be used to illustrate and explain all so