FastCode Project

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Libraries providing optimized alternative implementations for Delphi VCL/RTL functions, methods and classes.



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FC-TrackBar (Fastcoder trackbar) is easy to use scalable sliders for websites.

Gmffastcoder - GMF FastCoder

German M. Fuentes Fast Coder

Fastcoder - 基于模型的编程辅助工具

1�基于模型的编程辅助工具 2�形�为netbeans�件 3�以图形化的方�实现代�的快速添加 4�包�一个基于ext的UI设计器,�在此基础上实现的智能化UI辅助工具 5��供了多个扩展点,使用者�以将自有的代�生�逻辑加入本工具中

Scalemm - Fast scaling memory manager for Delphi

It is faster (4x!) and scales better than FastMM. Also faster (3x) than TopMM, but equal scaling. (note: only in special tests, other tests gives other results. Generally it is (a little bit) slower in single thread situations (due to other internal structure, check and get current thread manager, less optimized, etc), but faster in (heavy) multi threaded situations :-) ) Because FastMM does not scale at all, you could use TopMM (which scales very good). But TopMM is slower than FastMM (in a sim

Galaxy - Fast-coded shooter game

Fast-coded shooter game