flat assembler

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Fast and efficient self-assembling 80x86 assembler for DOS/Win32/Linux; with 8086-80486/Pentium/MMX/SSE/AVX/XOP instructions support, 16-bit/32-bit/64-bit code, binary/MZ/PE/COFF/ELF output formats.




Related Projects

Monate - Object Oriented Assembly

Monate is an Object Oriented Programming Assembly . It's a pre-assembler that compiles x86-x64 OOP assembly codes to non-OOP codes and then compiles them by FASM/NASM assembler . You can create classes and use them in your assembly codes . Monate is easy to use and powerful .

Pyirrlicht - Low level access to Irrlicht Engine SDK

Access to Irrlicht Engine SDK from ASM, C, Basic, Python and etc. This project also have few additional nested projects: FreeBASIC object oriented library, SWIG wraper, FASM, TinyCC, ThinBASIC, OxigenBasic and Blitz3D usage examples. Partial SVG support via AGG or Cairo library. Simple 3d text, pyMunk and pyODE physics examples. Done games see on Downloads tab. Video channel

Flde - fasmlab disassembler engine

An x86/64 dissassembler engine for Fasmlab written in Fasm

Icebird - Ahead-Of-Time компил�тор �вы дл� операционой �и�темы FOS

Ahead-Of-Time компил�тор �вы дл� операционой �и�темы FOS.icebird - �то AOT компил�тор дл� .class файлов, производ�ший ASM(FASM �интак�и�) ли�тинги.

Iconium - Flat Assembler Project Wizard

Program to ease the burden of having to manually create project files for the FASM compiler.

Fasmsyms - FASM Debugging Symbols converter

Converts FASM Symbols (.fas) into COFF Symbols and CV (CodeView, format of .pdb symbols) symbols. Any debugger or disassembler will understand it.

Fasm-x86-pmode-example - some x86 protected mode examples written in fasm

Some examples rewritten to deepen my understanding of x86 architecture in assembly language. I hope this will help you. More examples are welcome too.

Datastructuresalgorithms - Data Structures & Algorithms

Data Structures & Algorithms in pure Assembly by FASM (www.flatassembler.net) eg. Splay Trees, Red-Black Trees, B-Trees, Skip List include simple Stack, Queue, Linked List etc.

Littlefoot - an OS that is changing in small steps

LittleFoot is a small hobby kernel written in C, with some code in FASM syntax . Its main functionalities will be : 32 bits OS . Interrupts handler . Paging . Multi-tasking . Support for a little user GUI .