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Find And Replace Text command line utility. New amp; improved version of the well-known grep command, with advanced features such as: case-adaption of the replace string; find (amp; replace) in filenames, auto CVS edit.




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FartSeven (Fart Application) For WP7

Yes I know, Farting isn’t nice… But each and every mobile phone on the planet has a Fart Application (Don’t ask me why!), So as a Fan of Phone 7 (In theory, still waiting to actually feel it…) I decide there is no way Microsoft Phone 7 will be without a decent Fart Application.


Mlist is a clone of and extension to the popular list program for MS Dos written by Vernon Buerg. It's for all you old farts out there that remember this program :-) For the younger generation: Mlist is a directory browser and fileviewer utilitity

Methayne - Methayne Enterprise Server© (incorporating MEES©) is the world first truly SOA capable

The Flatulence Service Bus spec (FSB 1.0 for EJB 3.0) was submitted on 12th July 2008, 2 days after the opening of Apples original AppStore. No one had the resources or the skills to implement its complex features. Until now. My latest startup, Methayne Inc, delivered the first complete implementation of FSB 1.0 on Jan12th 2009, which includes many features left out by some other popular open source offerings. Distributed Flatlulence - Balances the load of farts delivered to clients over multipl

Epg-swiss - create xmltv-files from www.teleboy.ch

Project news 12.27.2010Release 0.9P can now be downloaded . Please give some feedback about the release. What can this shell-script do for me ?Create a xmltv file for applications like myhthv vdr tvheadend tvtime gtvg Is it allowed to mirror a website to a local computer ?Yes ! Inside switzerland any kind of download is allowed as long I use the provided data for personal use only ! Any use of the extracted data other than personal usage or transmitting the produced xml-files to the puplic is ma

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