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Audio/Video Conference software for Instant Messengers. It aims to provide Audio/Video conferencing for as many Instant Messengers as possible through a modular design.




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Neurotracer - trace neurons in 3D

modified from RPITrace3D in farsight project.

Farsight-pwn - Far Sight is a World of WarCraft Utility

Far Sight is a World of WarCraft Utility that monitors servers, plays the WoW Radio podcast, chat with fellow WoW players via IRC and other community tools

farsight - Farsight library

Farsight library

Gladstone - GladSToNe is an educational ITU-T G729 compliant codec with a GStreamer plugin

Notice on project sources: sources on code.google.com are to be considered obsolete. Even though the project home page will remain here, the sources have moved to gitorious at: http://gitorious.org/gladstone Notice on notice on project sources: as I discovered today I got some very interesting patches from snifikino, the idea is to apply them both on the SVN Google Code repo and on the gitorious one. After that, the code development will be eventually moved to gitorious. The aim of this project

farsight2 - Libraries for videoconferencing

Libraries for videoconferencing

farsight - http://www.farsight-toolkit.org/wiki/Main_Page



a way to project windows onto a remote machine

farsight2 - Audio/Video Communications Framework

Audio/Video Communications Framework


The Farstream (formerly Farsight) project is an effort to create a framework to deal with all known audio/video conferencing protocols. On one side it offers a generic API that makes it possible to write plugins for different streaming protocols, on the other side it offers an API for clients to use those plugins.