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It's a Service Desk (Help Desk) Web based, free software and open source, based on the international standard ITIL, designed to reduce the cost of implementation in SMEs (PyMEs), perfect for companies with few resources for a IT departments.



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Fabled Lands App

An adaptation of the Fabled Lands gamebook series: travel through a fantastic world, amassing skill, wealth, and fame, while avoiding sudden death. Presents the complete text to preserve the spirit of the original.

eXo Platform - The Enterprise Social Platform

eXo Platform is an open-source social-collaboration software designed for enterprises. It is full featured, based on standards, extensible and has an amazing design.

Rise of the Legend

A framework for building strategic games. Easily customizable, it allows to represent most fantastic and historical stages by designing their map, timeline, events and main characters.


gnf3d is a small 3D engine written in C(gtk+).It has fantastic super 3D effect since it use two graph for different eye.

Zero-bus - a lightweighted bus based on zeromq

zero-bus is fast and lightweighted thanks to fantastic zeromq, is a python wrapper of simple bus

Uoredux - UO Redux

An open sourced C# client for Ultima Online. This is a fork of UltimaXNA, a fantastic project created by Popicola (Zane).

Wxrubyshoes - Shoes-like interface to wxRuby

Wx is a fantastic cross-platform widget set, but it's not very Rubyish. Shoes has a fantastic syntax, but requires a special interpreter to run. WxRubyShoes is an attempt to wrap Wx into a Shoes-like syntax, without sacrificing any of the flexibility of Wx.

D-prg - Sample programs in D language

Sample programs in D programming language. Nothing fantastic. Just a way for me to keep track of my D programming experiments.

Yahoo-yui-interfaces - Javascript Interfaces to Yahoo's YUI Library

Yahoo provides a fantastic library of JS Code with their YUI product. Here are a few objects that might make a few things easier in your YUI development cycle.