Fama Instant Messenger

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Fama Instant Messenger (Fama IM) is a multi platform multi protocol instant messenger client. Only the most basic features are built in, but powerful plugin system makes Fama IM very flexible.




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Famats - FAMA Tool Suite

FaMa Tool Suite (FaMaTS) is a tool for the automated analysis of variability models (VM). Its main objective is providing an extensible framework where current research on VM automated analysis might be developed and easily integrated into a final product. FaMaTS is built following the SPL paradigm supporting different variability metamodels, reasoners or solvers, analysis questions and reasoner selectors, easing the production of customized VM analysis tools. FaMaTS component-based architecture


AJAX IDE PHP Entorno de desarrollo Visual para php. BeeWitPHP IDE es el único entorno de desarrollo para PHP de tipo WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). ¡Ahora si!, aproveche la potencia del lenguaje PHP y desarrolle más rápidamente gracias a la programación intuitiva de BeeWit. Reputación del PHP El lenguaje PHP tiene la reputación de que los programas hechos en él son una masa de spaghetti: todo el código está mezclado y enrevesado, con funciones para extraer de la base de datos


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Juego punto y fama (Java)

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Beginnings of a Ruby-on-Rails app to support family sponsorship record-keeping for FAMA.

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