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Fail2SQL is an addon to Fail2Ban which logs information to a MySQL database. This information can then be used in reports, graphs or by third party programs to take further action such as permanent blocking, reporting to ISP etc.



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Injection-gg - SQL Injection

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a specialized programming language for sending queries to databases. Most small and industrial- strength database applications can be accessed using SQL statements. SQL is both an ANSI and an ISO standard. However, many database products supporting SQL do so with proprietary extensions to the standard language. Web applications may use user-supplied input to create custom SQL statements for dynamic web page requests. When a web application fails to properly san

Yaco-ssp-modules - SimpleSAMLphp modules created by Yaco

We've movedWe have moved this projec to the Rediris Forja. Check the wiki page there for more information. Sorry for any inconvenience. We've kept this project here because some modules don't make sense in the Forja. OverviewCurrently the available modules are: sqlauth: Based on the existing sqlauth module. Add an encrypt param to sqlauth:SQL to encrypt the password. Its posible to encrypt the password in the sql-query but sometimes fail (example: pgsql not allow the sha1() function). So now php

Effrecipes - A web-based recipe database

This is Ben Collins-Sussman's attempt to write a web-based recipe database for his wife. The first three attempts failed, though they're in the svn repository for posterity:* Attempt #1: Code MySQL tables by hand, code python object persistence layer by hand, code CGI UI by hand. Ugly, slow, and yucky.* Attempt #2: Use Zope. Way too hard. Like hitting a fly with a buick.* Attempt #3: Use Plone. Define objects via 'archetype' schema, as if everything were a document in the content management syst

stockpyle allows the creation of write-through storage for Python object caching and persistence

InstallationThe simplest way to install stockpyle is through easy_install: easy_install stockpyleAlternatively, you can download the latest source from here: Then just untar the source and run python install. Documentation Release Notesstockpyle 0.1.4 added a release() API to all stores. This method will release any resources that were lazily acquired by the store during operation. Note that releas

Makeperfectserver - The Perfect Hosting Server (for Debian based servers)

makeperfectserver (mps) is a shell script to install a Debian server (and Debian based linux's like Ubuntu server). With a simple execution of the main-script it automatically receives the needed information or asks for the unset configuration items. It setups: - ssh, openssh-server, openssh-blacklist, openssh-blacklist-extra (incl. security settings) - vim-nox / vim - ntp & ntpdate - Postfix - Courier - Saslauthd - MySQL (automatic configuration) - rkhunter - chkrootkit - binutils - maildrop -

Php-dbcache - the proxy-cache for PHP and MySQL

the php-dbcache is a PHP extension written in C for caching SQL queries. It is PHP extension for mysql and using as proxy. The result of the SQL Query caching on the file system. The cache filename is md5 from SQL text. So, there is a two-level hierarchy of directories for more faster access. The php-dbcache module using mysqli connection. You can not use the caching, for INSERT or UPDATE operators. You can get part data from cache by fetchFrame() method Installation1. cd dbcache 2. phpize3. ./c

Dbdeploy - Java tools to manage agile database development

Manages the deployment of numbered change scripts to a SQL database, using a simple table in the database to track applied changes. Read the getting started guide for an introduction to what dbdeploy can do. More details can be found at News16 Mar 2010: 3.0M3 released!This release contains the following changes:  issue 21 : explicit specification of character encoding via encoding= parameter. Note that this is a potential breaking change as dbdeploy now defaults to UTF-8

Prioritizer - Prioritizer is a client-server system to manage resource allocation and workflow track

PrioritizerProject Description Project Funding Downloading and Installing Requirements Downloading Creating the Database Schema Other Links and Support Project DescriptionPrioritizer is a client-server system to manage resource allocation and workflow tracking in mass-spectrometry based proteomics labs. It relies on the concept of rank-based priorities assigned to projects and their dynamic state allocation. The tool thus emulates a workflow tracker that can indicate how and in what order availa

Hjpetstore - Hibernate Spring Jave EE application

Design DocumentDownload: PDF ODT(Open Office) DOC(MS Word) Description The following technologies are being used in the current implementation: Maven based build architecture JQuery fisheye kaptcha Spring MVC 3 OAuth Hibernate 3.5 JBoss Cache 3(alternative infinispan) JMS External Integration GlassFish 3 cluster Mysql fail-over and cluster Zabbix / Zapcat Check out the source code build and deploy The deprecated hjpetstore v1 (elementary combined with Hibernate, Spring, Strut1) is still availabl

Memcache-cluster-failover-php - Clustering system for caching with memcached, fail tolerant and pers

Memcache Persistent ClusterThis library includes PHP classes to define a memcached cluster, with a persistent storage. Imagine the next scenario: a) You have a cluster with several www servers, and you don't have a load balancer with sticky sessions, or maybe you have it, but you really want to share the load between servers. So sticky sessions is not the best option. Or b) You have public servers and you want to do dns load balancing. But the thing is that you don't want to keep only some sessi

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