Fully Automatic Installation

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FAI is a non-interactive system to install, customize and manage Linux systems and software configurations on computers as well as virtual machines and chroot environments, from small networks to large-scale infrastructures and clusters.




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Labonnemine - Un projet étudiant...

Fais pas mine de comprendre. C'est secret pour l'instant.

Igcjava - Java Library for reading/writing IGC flight data files

Java Library for reading/writing flight data files using the standard data format according to FAI/IGC.

Pomar - PrOduction MAnager and Reporter

Controle de ambientes de produção (shop-floor) a ser apresentado na FAITEC 2008.

Interactv - A simple Digital TV app based on the Ginga middleware

Sistema de interatividade em TV Digital para o padrão brasileiro Ginga. É um projeto de conclusão de curso em Sistemas de Informação pela FAI - Centro de Ensino Superior em Gestão, Tecnologia e Educação. (projeto encerrado)

Anrl - Air Navigation Race Live

Air Navigation Race Live Stage 2The Project Stage 1 has been finished, but the Project goes on ! Visit SharpSoft Development for more information about the main developers. Air Navigation Race Liveis a Visualisation Software to track and show airplanes with the corresponding GPS-Tracker on Google Earth. This is a project developed by students sponsored by FAI GAC (General Aviation Commission) and the main goal is to improve the multimedia presence of Air Nav Race! For more information please che

Ahmedbj - TEST

Je fais que tester

Frdl - Downloads NMEA data from a generic type of GPS logger to FAI CIMA compatible file format

FRDL Overview Flight Recorder DownLoader FRDL is designed to be as idiot proof as possible.... FRDL is designed for Microlight and Paramotor competition organizers, and for team leaders or pilots to all quickly reliably and painlessly extract track data relavent to competition tasks from a variety of different GPS flight loggers, and then convert it into the FAI CIMA specified format for detailed examination in a flight analysis program. FRDL backs up all log files it finds on a logger and insta

Notica - course

tu te fai poursuivre par une mini voiture

Tnm065-fai-skog - TNM065 projekt

TNM065, Dokumentstrukturer, projekt 2009/2010